I am a Culinary Brand and Anniversary photographer.

Serving culinary creatives and joyful couples across the United States and beyond!

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I love this picture of my husband Craig and I because it's how we laugh together every day since the day we met! As owner of Amanda Richardson Boutique Photography my mission is to help you capture these timeless moments of tenderness and joy as you celebrate your own milestone events.

Whether you are a couple searching for an anniversary photographer or a creative business owner wanting to elevate your brand to match the quality of your work, I am here for you!

Timeless moments can be captured at any stage of life, business or personal! I want to help you celebrate special moments in whatever way that means to you.


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so many adventures. We feel as if we have been married for 25 years, in a good way (lets just say 3 of 5 kids, in the past 3 years equals 11 car accidents!) The kids range in ages from 15 to 23 and in spite of our totaled cars, they are all a blast to just hang out with! When we have all the kids together the energy in the house is electrifying and it is really some of our favorite moments in life to sit back and watch them interact, especially now, as young adults.
  It is easy to get caught up in the day to day grind, as we do not have a typical marriage. Because Craig is overseas for work, it grants us a unique sense of appreciation. We are truly grateful for every moment we have with each other and our kids when Craig is home for the holidays. We are so thankful for our life and this business journey is a huge part of that. Our ultimate vision is to have Craig retire early bringing him home for good, and join Amanda Richardson Photography. As it is now he is involved in a lot of our behind-the-scenes work ;-) 

  Hello, thank you for stopping by! I am a photographer, recipe creator, wine lover, music lover and most importantly wife and mother to 5 awesome kids. I split my time between the United States and Doha, Qatar (where my husband is located for work) and I to shoot everywhere in between!
  When I am not taking pictures, you will likely find me and hubby, Craig on a beach or in the mountains of North Carolina. Home to us is wherever our kids are.
  Craig and I have been married for almost 5 years. He has been my constant support system and best friend through 

Our Story

Pictured above middle (left to right) Craig, Me, Christopher (19), Jonathan (21) and his girlfriend Haley, Katelyn (23) and her boyfriend Chris. Our other 2 couldn’t be with us for these photos. It is very difficult to get us all together these days!


Not a day goes by when we don't laugh and joke like we did the day we met.


Now that the kids are older, Lily is our baby.


Florence & Venice is our favorite so far, but we really aren't picky!


We are known for blindly picking new dry reds every time we hit the store!


It is our dream to live in a Hut on the water.


They are nutty and the energy is electric when they are all together!

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about amanda


"Amanda is a delight to work with! You can tell she really cares about every detail and really gets to know your culinary brand before taking photos. She is so fun and spunky. My team and I had a blast shooting with her and were really happy with the end result."

Deb Cantrell

Chef Deb Coaching
Fort Worth, Tx

"The value of the digital imagery you provided me, Amanda, is amazing. I am using the pictures constantly and they are working to help me connect with my ideal clients. THANKS!"

Monica Thomas

Tailored Taste Coaching
DC Metro Area

“Amanda provides a top shelf product. Her knowledge of food service and culinary arts make it an incredibly easy experience and the quality of her photography is outstanding!”

Chef Josh Sutton

Executive chef
bear lake reserve

"We had an amazing experience working with Amanda for an event for Mei Mei Restaurant! Even with florescent lighting, not much space, and a total time crunch, she magically delivered a gallery of beautiful photos that I can't wait to use.
Thank you Amanda!"

Irene Li

Mei, Mei Restaurant
Boston, MA

Alice Townsend

"Working with Amanda is always a great experience! The photoshoot was fun and stress free! Looking forward to working with her again soon”."

sous & pastry chef
bear lake reserve


You work tirelessly to provide quality products for your guests. Now you are ready to elevate your brand to match your standard of excellence. My zone of photography genius all started with food and wine photography. Owning my own catering and personal chef business grants me a special understanding for what you do and who you serve. 

Your sessions include complementary brand coaching, multi-location shoots, full release of all digital images for professional use and more!

You aren't newlyweds any more, you are stronger now emotionally, financially, spiritually and you have been looking for a special way to celebrate each other. You are a unique couple and we work very hard to find you. Because of this we designed our Anniversary Collections which honor who you are today. 

Your sessions include an intimate dinner for two, multi-location sunset shoot, full release of digital images and much more!

For couples



culinary creatives

Our philosophy begins and ends with loving on our clients by creating an experience. We don't believe in snapping pictures and delivering a gallery. It goes well beyond photographs for us. Amanda Richardson Boutique Photography is built on relationships. We would never claim to be a one-stop-shop for just anyone interested in having their picture taken. Instead, we take pride in building our education to serve a special kind of clientele. After investing in a significant amount of education, Amanda decided to offer her gifts not only to Culinary professionals, but couples as well! 



Our strengths are what light us up inside and when you find that kind of joy it will feed your soul.
The art of taking a photograph can be taught, but capturing the feeling behind it is a gift.
-Amanda Richardson

THE FIRST STEP towards working with us is determining if we are the perfect fit for you! After getting to know eachother online, we’ll determine if we’re a match made in heaven and then we’ll move on to the booking process!

THE BOOKING PROCESS is simple and fast. When we send over your booking proposal it contains the proposal, contract and invoice, everything you need to make things official in one sitting! 

NOW SECURE A DATE! We only shoot on special days of the week for couples and other days for our branding clients. This helps to keep things streamlined and organized for you and us.

NEXT you will receive a welcome email and depending on the type of collection you have chosen you will receive a special information guide to educate you on how to prepare for your photoshoot!


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We believe in simplicity, you can also expect NO TRAVEL FEES for the majority of our collections if your shoot is located within the continental United States. 

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