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    Your journey with us begins by getting to know Amanda. Branding is not just about your business, it is about who you are and why you do what you do. As an event professional, from planners and chefs to musicians and florist, you are all unique.  
       No one can duplicate you or your story. Our team delivers high-value marketing strategies and campaign development in tandem with quality consistent imagery. 
       It is time to dig deep and get to know your why. Then we set you up for success by not only providing you with quality images you can be proud of, but offering you guidance and support. This ensures your messaging is cohesive and aligned with your goals. 
     Branding doesn’t have to be scary and once you learn how powerful a personal brand is, you will begin connecting with those dream clients that seemed so far out of reach. 
        There are a lot of options out there, but what makes us unique is Amanda’s ability to know and understand the “language” of the event industry because she used to be part of your world. We contribute valuable feedback to achieve the best results on your brand photography journey.


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    MY Philosophy

    My philosophy begins and ends with loving on my clients by creating an experience. I don’t believe in snapping pictures and delivering a gallery. It goes well beyond photographs for me. Amanda Richardson Boutique Photography is built on relationships. I would never claim to be a one-stop-shop for just anyone interested in having their picture taken. Instead, I take pride in building my education to serve a special kind of clientele.

    THE FIRST STEP towards working together is selecting the best collection for your business needs. The best way to do this is hop on a Zoom call and chat about you and your business needs! We serve business owners who are ready to invest in themselves and their businesses. Typically you have been in business 3 or more years, are in the midst of a website rebrand, launching a new project like a cookbook or product line, or are wanting to invest in quality, consistent imagery for your marketing campaigns. I work with driven, creative entrepreneurs who are ready to improve their visual brand to attract high end clients. If that's you, let's talk!


    NEXT, it is all about you! We dig deep after you are booked with a lengthy branding questionnaire and then a 60-minute Shoot List Planning call where we create a detailed shoot list for your shoot so you are fully prepared. As a business owner, you are likely the face of your business and we want to tell the story of who you are and what you do in images. There is a time and a place to put you in a business suit and heels, but if that is not how you show up to client meetings, then we are going lean into that look for you!


    LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! I think it is really important to offer you variety, after all, we are setting you apart from your competition and you can’t do that if you are sitting in the same chair in every image! Just my personal opinion 😉​

    Any of my Branding Sessions I pre-select and scout each location to determined it is the perfect fit for my clients. For those of you who know me, you know I’m picky! This means there are several options in each spot for different looks and scenes, I am insistent on giving you a unique style.


    YOUR UNIQUE BRAND - From Bakers and Caterers to Business Coaches and Event Planners everyone has branded material and colors and I will capture it all in unique and exciting ways!

    Keep in mind we are going to “stage” everything, so if you want to “frost” a cake or even someone to sit in as your client, you will be surprised how much we can accomplish.


    THE DETAILS can easily be overlooked during a photoshoot. Actually the first thing I am going to ask you about on our call are your ‘details’ which will also be your props during our shoot. Details are anything from your branding materials to your computer and iPhone, especially things that include your brand colors. You will even need to think about this for a studio shoot, but don’t worry, you will get a whole list of ideas of what to bring and what to expect.



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    Feel free to email me directly any time with questions!





    Lets make some magic!

    I need BRANDING SESSIONS if...

    I recently rebranded and now need to maintain that next level online presence!



    I am ready for professional imagery on my website (and everywhere!) but don't want to invest a huge lump-sum upfront.

    I am a Chef or Event Professional and need behind-the-scenes shots of events! (Yes you can use a session for event coverage!-rules apply)

    I am an Event Planner, Chef or any other Event Pro and I need to define myself and my business beyond the various styles I patch-work together for my website and social media

    I have heard of Personal Branding, but don't really know how it can improve my business AND I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO HARNESS THAT MAGIC!

    I am tired of posting selfies and low quality pictures, I want to look more professional.

    I want to take my business to the next level and know that professional imagery is necessary to that process

    I struggle to come up with images and content that communicate the quality of my own work

    I post images other people have taken but they aren't my style or on brand with my messaging, I use them because I have nothing else to post.

    Yes, professional photography is an investment BUT not only do I take your picture, that's a given! I also give you the tools and coaching on how to PURPOSEFULLY use your images to make an impact with your audience! 
    As you stand out more, you book more, when you book more, well, you make more $$$

    How will these photos help me make more money?

    Absolutely. But, I will also give you my opinion if I feel it is the best option for you. Depending on the event, there may be a professional photographer onsite, other events may not be the best way to build your brand, I want you to maximize our time together during these sessions!

    Can I use these sessions for an event?

    I suggest 2-3 outfit changes. But if you are going for more than that, I would suggest wearing layers. For example, if you are a Chef, I suggest wearing your Chef coat first with a neutral top on underneath that we can also use. These suggestions are outlined in more detail after you book your session. 

    How many outfit changes do I get during the shoot?

    LIGHT! Whatever we do, I will pick places with lots of natural light! I am a natural light photographer, but also am skilled with artificial lighting if needed. We will go into detail on locations and what will resonate best with your brand.

    How do you decide on the locations?

    Yes, it actually is! In order for me to fully understand you and your brand it is imperative that we talk through your dreams and goals for the year. We will craft your brand message and likely talk about how we can market upcoming campaigns.

    Is the pre-shoot planning session required?

    Consistency is the key to a strong online brand. Your headshots will only take you so far. Your ideal clients want to get to know the authentic you. Offering impactful images that show who you are and the story of your brand will grow your audience and build a quality online brand.

    How will this improve my online presence?

    If YOU're still on the fence...


    INCLUDES 4 or 12
    to be used at your convenience any time within a 12 month period.

    THREE+ Hours Each Session!

    TWO Locations Each Session of your choosing

    THREE Outfit changes (or more) + Style assistance

    Dig Deep & Make Magic with our 60-Min Pre-Shoot Strategy Sessions



    Limited space left for 2021


    I will go anywhere for you! With that, comes a little added cost. I keep my fees low and flat and cover all the extras ;-) 

    - No travel fees within a 6.5 hour driving radius of Charlotte, NC!!

    - Please ask for pricing details on locations requiring air travel or over a 6.5 hour radius.


    family & lifestyle

    business professional

    NEW!!! Complimentary Website & Marketing image curation coaching after each gallery is delivered.
    Learn how to purposefully make the most of your images and seamlessly prepare for your next shoot!

    Customized Full


    Learn exactly how to define your niche and market yourself to stand out in a saturated market!

    Website Collaboration
    Social Media Coaching
    SIX-Hour Brand Photoshoot
    60 - Minute Pre-Shoot Planning Session
    3-4 Predetermined Locations
    Style Assistance

    Inquire Now

    A photoshoot designed for your specific marketing & business needs

    All travel fees
    (except airfare) is included!

    After a decade of serving the Charlotte, North Carolina community, Chef Lisa Brooks is growing by leaps and bounds, stepping outside the kitchen and into her role as Chief Executive Officer of Heart and Soul Personal Chef Services.

    If you are a Personal Chef and you wonder if it’s possible to carry the title of C.E.O. Lisa is here to tell you it is! Her passion for southern cuisine ignited her culinary journey, but perseverance and grand vision has created a space for these passions to take on a life of their own. 

    Chef Lisa Brooks

    Okay, I took sooooo many pictures while I was in Texas it actually crashed my computer at one point 😉 That is going to be my new bar for excellence, I need to get so many pictures that my computer goes into overload! Well, maybe not, as it is, I need a new one lol

    I will warn you, there will be a couple of articles about this trip because it was so amazing and I met so many wonderful people along the way, I just can’t fit it all into one!

    Chef Deb

    I am head over heels for Chef Keisha! I had the pleasure of getting to know her through another client and was so excited for this photoshoot! Keisha was the first to jump on the Mini Branding Sessions when they were released and then we extended it a bit to fit in some food shots as well!
    Keisha’s business is in full bloom right now, she is in the midst of building a new website to offer her gourmet dishes while also learning new and advanced techniques and business practices under Executive Chef Lisa Brooks!

    Chef Keisha Brynn

    Chef Monica Thomas of Tailored Taste took some time to sit down with me and chat about how things have been going in her business since Covid began, how she has made some pivots, what is in store for the future and of course where she got her inspiration for the Preserved Lemon Bucatini recipe she has been so generous to share with us for the the month of June!

    Tailored Taste

    What a treat it was to finally have the opportunity to work with Donna Maria! This soft-spoken, beautiful woman always comes prepared and is one of the most passionate, fun-loving business owners I have ever had the pleasure to meet!

    To give you some background, Donna Maria founded the Indie Business Network which was the “first for-profit recurring revenue membership business on the Internet”.

    Donna Maria




    BRanding Gallery

    I cherish the work I do with my clients. My style of photography is editorial meaning my entire purpose is to tell your story. I won't lie, it takes some work on your end too, but by the time you reach this stage of business, you are ready and excited to jump, dig deep and show the world what you are made of (even if you are hesitant to get in front of the camera)!

    One of the best parts of what I do is coming TO YOU! I travel the country to capture you in your environment. Not only is this the best way to show off what you do and who you do it for, but it gives you a sense of comfort and makes all the images more natural and relaxed. 

    Enjoy the gallery scroll, I can't wait to get to know you in this same way!


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