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This is my cool, fun and goofy bunch! The energy when all these kids are together is electric and chaotic no matter what age they are and I wouldn't have it any other way! 


I love this picture of my husband Craig and I because it's how we laugh together every day since the day we met! 

So here is the thing, I can guarantee this handsome man will come up in our conversation, I brag on him as much as I possibly can. He lives overseas in Qatar for work and I even have it written into my contract that I take at least 15 minutes to step away to say good night to him if we are in the middle of shooting.

We hope he will return home soon, but this year, because of COVID, he is stuck there for a full year! So we are missing him extra hard right now!

If you are curious about how we make a long-distance marriage work, I have written about our journey along the way, check out some of my blog posts

More About Me!

Our home base is in Charlotte, North Carolina but most of my days are spent either working with clients, having virtual "date-nights" with my hubby or hanging out with our 4 year old puppy, Lily!

This is my cool, fun and goofy bunch! The energy when all these kids are together is electric and chaotic no matter what age they are and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

as a CHEF and wedding planner-turned-photographer,
I've been in your shoes.

I used to be you! 

I have owned both a Catering Company and a Wedding Planning Firm.

I relate to the struggle of trying to keep up with the demands and pace of modern marketing. I have felt what it's like to burn the candle at both ends and still be attracting the wrong kind of clients. I know what it's like to wake up at 4am to put bread in the oven, push out 500 ravioli, get home at midnight only to do it all over again the next day and all while raising kids on my own!

I get it, and I admire what you do! I am passionate about seeing you succeed because I have walked in your shoes. My shift into brand photography came after extensive experience in the culinary and event planning industries. I've experienced the personal battle of defining your brand, aligning your messaging, and communicating your value. Combining  my business background and creative vision, I use photography to breathe life into your brand. 

I do this because I truly want to see you succeed. I follow my clients' journeys and help them make a plan to implement their imagery. I want you to get results, or my work means nothing. I want to see you get quality return on your investment in your brand.

Let's Chat!

Monica Thomas


"The value of the digital imagery you provided me, Amanda, is amazing. I am using the pictures constantly and they are working to help me connect with my ideal clients. THANKS!"


Josh Sutton

Executive Chef
Bear Lake Reserve

"Amanda provides a top shelf product. Her knowledge of food service and culinary arts make it an incredibly easy experience and the quality of her photography is outstanding!"

Deb Cantrell

Chef Deb Coaching
Fort Worth, Tx

"Amanda is a delight to work with! You can tell she really cares about every detail and really gets to know your culinary brand before taking photos. She is so fun and spunky. My team and I had a blast shooting with her and were really happy with the end result."



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