Brand Client Spotlight: Attorney Kate Kovats, Charlotte NC
Two women, Kate Kovats and her client, sitting on the charlotte nc courthouse steps talking and looking at computer during brand photography session

Brand Client Spotlight: Attorney Kate Kovats, Charlotte NC

September 13, 2022

We love highlighting our brand clients. Working with some incredible talents and diverse industries across the country, this weeks brand photography client spotlight is no exception! We are so excited to feature family attorney Kate Kovats who brings a classic sense of fashion and warm smile to her business and overall brand message.

Kate embodies power, elegance and kindness all in one. When we do a strategy call we ask what the top three things you want your audience to feel about you, and Kate said she wanted to show that she has gentle authority. Being a family law attorney, you definitely need to naturally have that kind of diverse personality and Kate is most certainly in her zone of genius.

Personal brand photography in the legal field: a creative challenge!

I tried to pick which part of her session I loved the most, but it is truly impossible! The headshots, lifestyle branding, and professional behind-the-scenes imagery each had a unique spin, fully incorporated Kate’s unique presence and personality beyond her choice in career. I got to see past Kate as my brand client the local attorney, understanding who she is outside of the court.

This session incorporated so many elements of Kate’s story. We wanted to give her a personality and someone her clients can relate to as opposed to the typical “stuffy” attorney websites you typically see. After all, brand photography shouldn’t simply be a one-for-one replacement of stock photography. We wanted to go beyond the brown legal books and posed headshot. We drew out who she was as an individual so that the right clients connect with her, for her.

Brand photography done right connects to your brand identity

The take away here is capturing the true spirit of my clients is also capturing their brand essence. Your identity is wrapped up and woven together with who you are and the overall story of your business journey. As entrepreneurs, our brand identity has a heavy overlap with our personal identity. Whether we are telling the story of your client journey or the path you took to get to where you are today, it all needs to be visually represented within your brand’s communications.

When you have the polished words and strong language that resonates with your audience. But, the first thing they see is unprofessional imagery… you lose them before they have a chance to understand you and your business. Overall, it leads to a mistrust because things don’t align properly.

If you want to reach those high-end clients, they have an expectation that you have it all together. They want to see things flow and your brand identity represented in a clear and concise way that leads them to want to work with you. Imagery that doesn’t represent your brand will stick out, cause distrust and doubt.

The results of strategic, holistic planning with brand clients

Press play, and see what we were able to capture together! This is one of my favorite recent client spotlights. It showcases as industry most people don’t think is very personal–or personable! Any brand can benefit from taking a personal branding approach to their marketing, content, and storytelling. Imagery plays a huge role in carrying that messaging through consistently. And ultimately, it helps the right clients visualize working with you.

At long last, introducing Kate Kovats: Charlotte NC Attorney and brand photography client!

Don’t forget to turn your sound on!

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