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Destination Brand and Food Photography From Dallas to Austin Texas

September 6, 2022

My next destination brand photography adventure! Listen in now 😉

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Traveling for Brand Photography Clients

Typically I write about my client work AFTER I do the shoot, but today I am up in the air headed to Dallas and Austin Texas for multiple photoshoots and I want to talk about them before I get there!

Offering my clients a well-rounded experience and understanding their individual needs is a deep-rooted value of my business structure. My first stop in Dallas is the perfect example of this. Joining me on this trip is Brand Photographer, friend and student, Jacy Voglewede. Jacy and I have done multiple shoots.

My first stop is Dallas, we are headed to see Chef Deb and her team for their 2 of 3 full branding sessions this year.

Planning strategic destination brand photography sessions with my clients

Chef Deb is a coach for Chefs and we skate a fine line when planning out these photo sessions because we don’t want to make it appear that Deb actually goes into the kitchen with her clients. But at the same time she has a strong culinary background and we want her clients to be able to connect with her on that level too.

It takes a lot of team work to pull these shoots together! These Zoom calls consist of Deb and myself (of course!) as well as three of Deb’s team members, including Heather who leads her marketing team plus Jacy and the newest Amanda Richardson Photography team member Rachel who is my operations Director, in charge of all things systems and clients!

This shoot we will be focusing on getting a lot of variety for both their online marketing and visual content they can use for presentations and workshops. It is always a treat to get to spend time with Deb and her team and we can’t wait to share the new photos!

Next stop: brand photography in Austin Texas!

Then on we go! We will be driving the 3 or so hours to Austin. I am excited for some uninterrupted windshield time with Jacy because we rarely get to see each other in person!

We will be arriving at Paige’s Bakeshop and preparing to gain at least 5 pounds! Paige creates custom cakes and is also one of the most charismatic humans you will ever meet! I am always excited to read my client questionnaires, but this one really stood out to me. Paige opened her doors when she was 21! So impressed by her massive growth, she is now in the middle of opening a second location and investing in a massive branding campaign!

The difference between brand photography and food photography sessions for culinary professionals

We will be with Paige for 2 days shooting. Here is where I love to educate on the difference between my sessions when it comes to working with Chefs. Much like Deb, Paige needs full branding complete with behind the scenes and purposeful lifestyle for various marketing campaigns, presentations for speaking events and a website overhaul.

The second part of her shoot is a full day of food photography. We will be setting up a studio set for all her cakes and baked goods that she wants to sell online, plus take lifestyle photos of the food and the environment itself around the shop. The easiest way to explain the difference between these two things is that Branding is when we take pictures of you (and incorporate food) and Food Photography is when we take pictures of only food.

The results of quality, strategic photography

All these shoots are artistically complex and we anticipate being exhausted by the end, but the end results and the power these brand shoots will bring to these businesses make it worth a day or two of achy bodies!

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