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Brand Video Reveal – Telling My Brand Story

August 9, 2022

This has been a long time coming! Remember in April when I went to Aspen, Colorado for a shoot? Well, the day after I landed I had a two day video shoot scheduled for my own brand video. April to now felt like it was about a year long. But it was well worth the wait! This strategic brand video was a huge part of my own rebranding process, wrapping up a narrative around the value that I provide to my clients beyond just taking their photographs. The majority of the value I provide comes before and after our actual shoot. It was high time we expressed this in video format.

Filming my brand video

Cassian Films walked me through a process similar to my own client preparation process. I had to think about the message I want my clients to experience, the core values of my brand, my personal quirks and connection points. We storyboarded a narrative together, and then walked through how we would show this visually. My brand story emerged!

Why video was necessary

My story of picking up the camera is an extremely unique one. Writing a blog post doesn’t do it justice–you have to hear it from me! There’s something about hearing someone’s inflection and seeing their expression that makes a message really hit home. Plus, different clients consume content in different ways. Making sure I have easily consumable content for my ideal clients who love reading, skimming photographs and graphics, and listening to video is crucial. Once they find me, I want them to be able to learn all about me and know they need to book!

Introducing: Elevate your Brand – Amanda Richardson Brand Photography Video

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