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Your Brand is more than a Headshot and Logo

August 2, 2022

Everyone wants and needs a good headshot. The most common conversations I have with potential clients is that they are looking for a headshot and “maybe a few pictures”. ( PS – I am holding a Headshot Event in Charlotte NC on August 7th and 8th for just this reason!) But, your brand is far more than a headshot and a logo. Don’t get me wrong, color schemes, fonts and style are all important, but to really define yourself and your brand you want to dive deep into your personal values and the mission of your business. Otherwise, your marketing won’t hit home with the specific clients you wish to bring in. Especially if you’re working with a personal brand!

So what is your brand then?

Most of my clients are in a phase of business called “ReBranding”. I actually find that clients understand the term ReBranding more than they actually understand “Branding” as a general term. They understand that ReBranding incorporates their messaging, website, imagery, logos, colors, fonts, voice, audience, and stems from their business goals.

Why is this? When you get to the stage of business where you feel a ReBrand is necessary, you are able to clearly define all the things that make you unique as a business. You have identified those values and now implement them into your daily routines and instill them in your staff without having to think about them. The best way to test out if you have clearly defined these things in your business is when you:

1. Start saying “No” to things that are outside those values and mission of your business

2. You start paying closer attention to the overall brand image of those details like your colors and imagery that resonates with your audience and take you up to that next level.

ReBranding: Where your brand becomes more clear and effective

Initial brands miss the mark sometime because it takes some substantial business experience to understand what your brand really needs. You have to get your feet wet in your business to define your brand more than just colors and logos. Your brand has a voice, story, mission, and aesthetic. Sometimes it just takes a while to discover!

ReBranding is is when you truly understand that you need more than a headshot and logo to move the needle forward in your business. If you are identifying with this and feel like you might be ready for a ReBrand, or if you are in the midst of one, I created a ReBrand Checklist that helps you plan ahead and most importantly budget for this investment!

A surprise element of my own ReBrand experience!

Sooooo I have been working on something since April! It was part of my ReBrand investment that I made at the beginning of the year. I am over the top excited to share it with you! Little by little, I have been sharing but get ready for the launch next week! If you are dying to know what it is send me an email and I will send you a special sneak peek!

The ReBrand Checklist

Download this 10-Step checklist to help you plan and budget for the future of your business. If you have been in business for a few years, you are probably headed for a Re-Brand and this will help things feel less abstract and get you focused.

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