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Rebranding your website: three crucial considerations for your website rebrand

July 19, 2022

Rebranding your website is a critical step in your business rebrand process. As your home on the internet, your website is a beacon for your brand. Wherever your clients meet you online, they’re sure to follow the path back to your website before buying in. Your website shouldn’t be an afterthought when it comes to your rebrand. In fact, visualizing your website is a great start to imagining how your brand will work together once complete!

Three critical considerations for your website rebrand

You want your website to be the place where the whole rebrand strategy comes together & culminates in conversions! Here are three components of your website rebrand you need to think about before you get started.

Research website designs for inspiration, not imitation.

Before you get into reworking your website layout and copy, you’ll need an idea of what you want. You can look for inspiration in any industry! Pay attention to brands you love, whether you shop with them or not. What draws you to them? How do they move people through the website experience? What elements of their brand story do they highlight? Note what you like about the design, the experience, and the flow.

Use these as inspiration for your website redesign. But, don’t imitate those sites too closely. You want your website to be uniquely yours. Plus, if you have your heart set on a design or template ahead of time, you may find that the content you need to create for your brand doesn’t quite fit into the template. Having your heart set on stock imagery or a particular design will set you up for being let-down or at the very least will make it more challenging to love the direction you take your own website in.

Invest in professional website redesign

Did you know you might need more than one professional to redesign your website? That’s right! Web designers may offer a visual layout only. A web developer can help you with more functionality. Then there’s copywriters and SEO professionals, which add to getting traffic on your website and converting customers. It can take a whole team! Now, this depends on the scope of your project. You may find a quality designer that can implement the functionality you need as well as basic SEO. Just make sure to do your homework. Find reviews, see past designs, and ask about what the process entails.

Website redesigns cost good money!

My best suggestion is DO NOT pay under $2500 for a web designer. But, expect to pay much more than this for someone even semi-experienced. This is what is going to bring so many elements together, so you want it to be handled by someone you feel confident and value in. A novice designer can do a lot of damage to an existing brand, bringing down your visibility by not taking care of your website’s back end. Consider this investment not just in your visual brand, but also in maintaining your momentum.

Check and double check ALL your links – internal and external

Your link profile is one of the aspects of your website that sticks around long-term. It builds your website’s authority and SEO. And, you’d be surprised all the places on the web you are getting backlinks! If rewriting your web pages means new URLs for your content, you have to set up redirects. Double check that all your PAST and NEW pages are working correctly and pointing to the right information.

Then, take care of your internal links! Make sure that your menu is easily accessible and working well. Check your freebies, CTAs, call links, and any email automations for any errors, 404s, or rebranding changes you forgot to implement. It’s easy to miss a few things. So, have your friends check for broken links too!

You can’t rebrand your website without new imagery

Your website tells a visual story. It’s arguably the one place your imagery will be most effective in captivating your ideal clients and moving them through your brand narrative. The website needs to tell people who you are, what you do, why you do it, and how you do it differently than your competitors. And remember, people don’t read! They skim, scan, and look for visual clues. You have to give them the visual summary. This is how brand photography fits into your rebranding strategy.

Want more tips for rebranding your business?

We’ve got a checklist to help you out! It is my mission to see your business succeed. Re-Branding your entire business is a huge undertaking! And, it takes a team that knows what they’re doing.

Download the 10 Steps to Re-Branding, from Marketing and Copywriting to Updating the backend and of course telling your visual brand story.

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