Two weeks in Charlotte NC with my (long distance) husband
Photo of my husband and I walking along the beach, bumping hips and laughing at each other while spending time together in Charlotte before he heads back overseas

Two weeks in Charlotte NC with my (long distance) husband

July 12, 2022

Two weeks in Charlotte is just not enough! If you have been here a while you know Craig, my husband, lives overseas and he was just home for about 10 days. No matter who it is, if I tell you my husband and I live oceans apart and see each other a couple times a year. The reaction is ALWAYS the same. “I don’t know how you do that?”

How we manage long distance marriage

This picture here is “how”. Because we are us. We have never seen issues as problems for us only external “noise” around the foundation of our relationship. It’s like an invisible wall that no one can pierce because we are so strong together.

When I say we’ve never missed talking to each other each day on FaceTime I mean it. Is there effort in that, absolutely but it doesn’t really “feel” like effort. Not when you want to talk to and see this person. Not when the most you laugh each day is when you hear their voice. The day isn’t complete without our conversations so I guess that would be my answer. “How” we do it is simple, we “WANT” to.

We manage, but it’s not easy!

I won’t lie and say it’s a breeze. I hate being the third wheel when I go out with couples. Not having someone to watch movies with late at night on the couch is lonely. But we all sacrifice and I would never take away how hard he has worked for what he is doing. So I’ll be here when he gets done, and nothing will ever change that.

He’s back overseas now and I will say, it’s harder and harder with every year that goes by to see him head back through the security line at the airport in Charlotte. But we settle back into routine so quickly that doubt of our commitment never has a chance to set in. I keep myself consumed with my work as a brand photographer.

Fun Facts about us:

1 – We can never make a plan and stick to it. We are ALWAYS changing our minds!

2 – I can’t drink anymore due to health issues, so Craig is now “drinking for two” and takes his role very seriously LOL

3 – I always gain 5lbs when Craig is home in Charlotte for a visit, because he is essentially on vacation the whole time and “makes” us eat haha

4 – Lily (our dog) is a complete “Daddy’s Girl”. She remembers him instantly when he walks in the door and we rarely get to sit next to each other because she will jump up between us even if there is no room.

5 – My favorite thing about us is that we have private jokes that no one else gets and we are constantly referring to them to make each other laugh.

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