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Headshot tips and tricks

July 5, 2022

A classic, quality headshot is often your first impression with new clients online. It’s one way to show your personality and make a quick connection! Opinions are formed in an instant, so it’s important to put your best foot forward with a great headshot. Here are 5 headshot tips and tricks to get the most out of your image.

1 – Keep your headshot consistent and recognizable

When you post your new headshot, make sure it is the same on all your social platforms! This drives trust with your audience and makes it easier for them to know they are in the right place. Someone who’s looking to learn more about you may go to multiple platforms. If you look different on Facebook than Instagram, it may be hard for them to know if they’ve found you. Consider your headshots your signature image! Most people will first see it on your social media profiles.

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2 – Make sure you are looking at the camera during your headshot

I take a lot of candid images of myself and others that I absolute love, but they are not profile material. Your headshot needs to show your eyes because that is what people connect with first. Use the other images to showcase what you do. Tell your brand story after you initially connect with people. But a classic headshot is essential for making the first connection. Look at the camera, and smile!

3 – Do not use your logo in your profile image.

It should go without saying, but I will, your profile images should not be your logo unless you are a large corporation. Huge personal brands like Jenna Kutcher and Amy Porterfield, still have their picture in their profile because this is who and what their audience wants to connect with. It makes it immediately more intimate and trustworthy to show your face than to hide behind a logo or product image. If people feel like they have a connection with the owner of a company, it makes them feel more important. You want to remain relatable, no matter how large your company gets.

Collage of two headshots of portrait photographer in Charlotte NC, illustrating good headshot tips and tricks for quality images.

4 – Smile with your teeth!

Make sure your teeth are showing. This sounds strange but teeth make you seem more happy and genuine in a picture! Some people don’t like their teeth and that’s okay, it isn’t a requirement, but I do highly recommend that. This is one headshot tip that people don’t love. But trust me, it makes a difference!

5 – A selfie is not a suitable headshot

Don’t take a selfie. You can tell when it’s a selfie. Even if you are at the beginning stages of your business set aside some money to invest in professional headshots that you can use until you are ready for that full branding session. Keep in mind when you do a branding session, headshots are included! Some photographers offer headshots on their own.

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