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Brand Photography for Charlotte Wedding Photographer

June 28, 2022

I have had the pleasure of knowing Angelique for a while now as a fellow photographer and now as a mentorship student in the Charlotte area. I recently had the opportunity to work with her on her brand photography session, which even included some behind the scenes content for a destination elopement in Colorado! We wanted to showcase her helpful spirit and comprehensive approach to wedding photography throughout her brand session. We wove in elements from her personality and home, as well as real moments with clients.

Showing your client experience in your brand photoshoot

I wanted to take a second to highlight how we showed Angelique’s wedding photography client experience throughout her brand photography session. We prioritized capturing her working with real clients because that’s where her brand shines. Hundreds of photographers take beautiful photographs. However, no one can be Angelique. She made her clients comfortable, took care of extra details when they weren’t looking, and was even there to pin hair into place and fix dress buttons. This is an important part of her brand’s selling points that we needed to showcase!

Ready for your own personal brand photos?

I’d love to help! Let’s schedule a consultation call to see if I can help bring your vision to life. We’ll discuss whether you’re ready for personal branding, whether my approach is right for you, and answer all your questions. Schedule a free consultation call to start planning your own brand imagery upgrade!

Now, Introducing Lelia Angeliqeu – Charlotte Wedding Photographer’s brand photography results!

This is always the best part — showing how the brand photos all came together! You can just see her sweet personality shine. These sessions had everything: puppies, coffee, beautiful wedding details, real clients, and an exciting destination! Now, Angelique has an arsenal of quality photographs to tell her brand story. She can talk about her clients’ experiences, her work, her approach, and even her puppy! These topics will help her connect with clients that are closely aligned with her style. And this is just a sampling of the photographs we created together! Please enjoy these highlights from Angelique’s branding session.

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