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How generic brand imagery costs you more

June 14, 2022

As creative business owners, we are all too familiar with the costs of making improvements and upgrades in our business. But we forget that staying stagnant has its own costs. Brand imagery is an investment. However, not replacing generic brand imagery costs you more, in failing to highlight what makes your business stand out from your competitors. When you limit your ability to showcase your value and allow customers to visualize working with you, then you limit how people perceive you and your business.

Inconsistent imagery costs you the trust you’ve worked hard to build

After speaking at the Brand Building Blocks workshop this past weekend, I was reminded of how much work developing and maintaining a brand really is. The soul-searching that’s required to nail down those values is intense! You’ve determined a mission, vision, and values that fuel you. You have designed an aesthetic vision for your brand. Your brand has taken on its own voice and persona as you grow your audience in this world.

Now that you’ve laid the ground work, consistency moving forward it crucial. In a personal brand, inconsistencies are a reflection on you. Now I’m not saying we can’t be human! Nor am I judging anyone based on their Instagram feed. But people notice when your content and interactions online look different all the time. If they don’t know what to expect, they will have a harder time recognizing and trusting your expertise.

Outdated brand imagery costs you money

You can’t charge luxury prices if you can’t showcase luxury products and/or experiences. If you’ve raised your prices and suddenly can’t convert, your messaging and imagery probably don’t reflect the level of service you actually offer. Maybe you have amazing reviews and your messaging is great! Okay. Now, can you potential clients look at your website and visualize themselves working with you? Do you showcase the process and allow them to picture it, craving the results of working with you? That’s where you’ve lost them. They’re thinking about the money and not the results because they can’t see themselves as your client. Highly impactful brand imagery is specific, strategic, and inspires action.

Generic brand imagery costs you connections

We have all see 1,000 similar images of an entrepreneur sitting behind their laptop typing away. Or, the one where they’re sipping coffee at a bistro table. Your brand photos should not look like corporate stock photography. Strategic brand imagery is unique to the individual. It requires intentional conversation to uncover the elements unique to your brand that will make you memorable. After all, your visual brand should be as unique as you are!

Ready to level up?

It’s not uncommon to outgrow your brand a couple years into business. I can help! Grab my rebrand checklist, or go ahead and reach out to book a consultation call if you know you’re ready! Can’t wait to hear from you.



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