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brand image from homepage of wedding videographer's website taken by amanda richardson photography of charlotte, north carolina

Your website homepage needs these three images

May 24, 2022

Your website should be your brand’s little home on the internet. It should introduce people to who you are, what you do, and why they should hire you (at a minimum!). And, your homepage is where you make most first impressions! It’s important that everything on your homepage is on brand, and the copy and imagery tell a cohesive brand story. But sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in trendy minimalist web design, and accidentally leave off core images and copy your homepage needs in order to properly communicate your brand message. Let’s cover these essentials.

First, you need an image of yourself!

I know you much prefer to show your talents and clients, hiding behind the computer and seldom showing your face. But this connection is important! People are more likely to respond to personal brands. The big brands know it too–they’ve been introducing characters, personalization, and highlighting staff members to take advantage of this human tendency to crave connection. Use this as your superpower! Make sure you introduce yourself on your website’s homepage, and include a headshot or favorite image of you and/or your team.

personal brand imagery for wedding videographer featuring videographer holding a stack of iced donuts with sprinkles, next to an image of her walking along the boardwalk in charlotte, nc in a white dress

Use images that show your service and process

People tend to not read. They skim, browse, glance. You need to show them what you do! Whether it’s you working with clients, creating products, or behind the scenes of you solving problems, you need an image on your homepage that tells the story of the service you’re trying to sell. Help your future clients visualize themselves working with you right off the bat!

Feature your best portfolio images on your homepage!

Okay, this one is so obvious. You need to showcase your best work! If you make products, highlight a few favorites. Service providers can add testimonials, quotes, or even video from past clients raving about their amazing experience. That counts as portfolio too! For digital creators, you can add your graphics, images, or video portfolio to your homepage.

behind the scenes image of wedding videographer sitting in the grass and lowering her camera to get the perfect angle

Don’t have the brand images you need to make your website’s homepage pop?

You are not alone, friend! Making brand updates isn’t easy, especially when you find yourself outgrowing your content. That’s where I can help most! If you don’t have the content you need to communicate your brand values, then you need a personal branding session. Learn more about my branding services, or schedule an intro call today.

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