How rebranding imagery works: a brand photography client success story
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How rebranding imagery works: a brand photography client success story

May 17, 2022

While some brand imagery can have a long shelf life, there are times in your business where you are ready to rebrand. As you consider a shift in your messaging, target client, and core brand elements, you will quickly find yourself in need of a new library of photos to align to this change. As a brand photographer, many of my clients book me during this process. I guide them through how rebranding imagery works to align to their new goals, and we follow up after the brand session with a strategy call to ensure the images are used purposefully.

Does rebranding imagery work?

Rebranding imagery works to clarify your core messages, add consistency to your online reputation, and give you the tools you need to connect with your ideal client. I meet with you to understand your new goals. Then, together we map out the imagery needed for your rebrand. I work with your web designer to plan shots that improve your client experience on your site, working seamlessly with the new visual brand you’ve designed.

The result: a professional, elevated client experience

In the end, you’re going to wow new clients! Your initial online impressions will be more aligned with the amazing service you provide. Your visuals will support and enhance your messaging. Lastly, you’ll have the photos you need to tell your brand story.

A rebranding client success story

Meet Monica! Monica is the owner and head chef at Tailored Taste. You’ve seen her on my blog and Instagram before, probably many times. We’ve worked together for multiple brand sessions over the years, each with a different focus and goal in mind. After excelling in the meal preparation space and booking her calendar completely out, she started to feel drained by the busy work weeks. As her business matured, she found herself imagining a shift in focus.

Rebranding for Monica meant highlighting new services

For 2022, she decided to focus on personal chef services for parties and events, as well as adding online education to her business. These new income streams allowed for more down time during the week, while maintaining the momentum from the prior years of hard work. Monica recognized that she needed to redesign her website to align to her new goals. This meant hiring a web designer, copywriter, and brand photographer to ensure the website was accurate, effective, and a fantastic client experience. Getting quality professional support is a key step in how to rebrand.

Imagery is critical to ensuring the rebranding process works!

After the site had launched, we reached back out to Monica to see how things were going. Rebranding is hard work! We wanted to make sure she was seeing results from the branding session. Here’s what she had to say:

“The images on my website are terrific, and I know they play a big role in setting the mood/feel of what a client can expect. I use many of the pictures Amanda took over the last year in my social media as well, in the signature block on my emails, as head shots for speaking engagements, etc. The imagery is key to putting my brand out in the world!

On a random Monday recently, I had two inquiries for parties resulting in booking 3 events in the next 30 days. Both are truly my ideal clients. Money spent on good imagery is money well spent! It will last longer than you think and will have many more applications down the line.”

Working with Amanda Richardson Brand Photography

“Working with Amanda not only results in an amazing array of pictures, but is also a fun experience. She is thorough before the shoot with discussing goals, props, food, and clothing, hair & make-up. This ensures a level of comfort on the day of the shoot. I’ve worked with Amanda on three different shoots (each with different goals in mind), including a live ‘behind-the-scenes’ session during an actual luncheon I was creating for a client. Though nervous before that last shoot – I had a hard time wrapping my head around working and producing a wonderful meal experience for my client while being photographed – once Amanda arrived and began to work as I prepped, things went smoothly and I was instantly put at ease. The guests really enjoyed her being there as well!”

If you change your messaging without rebranding your imagery, you might be missing your ideal client.

Is your brand imagery holding you back? If you are working to elevate your brand through copy, networking, adding high end services… and you’re just not getting those conversions, your imagery could be the culprit. Your visuals have to align to your messaging! Rebranding your imagery might be the key. Strategic imagery adds reassuring consistency to your brand, allowing you to convert more clients. Questions? Reach out! My inbox is always open.

See the brand imagery for yourself!

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