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What is a brand story?

May 3, 2022

You’ve heard me harp on getting your message out there and telling your brand story. So… what IS a brand story? A brand story is the narrative that encompasses your motivations driving your business, the history that you’ve built on, the values you prioritize, and the vision you have for the future of your brand. This may be something that is evident from the beginning and matures over time. Or, you may find that you jumped into business first and later discover the common thread that defines your brand narrative. Either way is okay!

Strong brand stories grow dedicated audiences

So, why work to develop a brand story when you could just sell your product or service for its features? Great question. And I promise I’m not having you do busy work for no reason. A brand story builds an audience who are brand loyal, share content, and create clients–whether or not they buy from you directly. Humans crave connection and are naturally curious. We’re more inclined to buy from brands we understand, and we love to talk about interesting things we learned, significant or not. Giving your audience background on why you do what you do can amplify your sales potential quickly!

Great example of a captivating brand story

Meet Amanda Shrader. She developed the Skirt Project Experience after her own struggles with self confidence and body positivity. Through this portrait photography experience, she’s impacted over 50 women and built a community aligned around celebrating being woman, whatever that looks like for the individual. What a brand story!

The Skirt Project has been picked up by two TV networks and several blogs. Along the way, Amanda has gained thousands of followers with her captivating reels, personal stories, and videos highlighting the women of the skirt project.

What makes this brand so compelling

Amanda is an awesome story teller. But beyond that, she’s found a way to highlight both the commonalities in the experience of being women, and the individual traits and experiences that make our stories unique. The passion that once launched the project and drive the business also draws in clients! Story brands convert, and this brand is the proof!

But Amanda, I don’t have some amazing story for my brand

Not everyone has a story like the Skirt Project. That’s a killer example of a brand story. But everyone has building blocks that led them to their business. Whether the inspiration was evident, or your business was born out of necessity… there’s something about it that keeps you going. Entrepreneurship is hard. I know you wouldn’t be out here working this hard just to avoid the 9-5 life. What’s driving you is part of your brand story. It’s the subconscious thing that makes you want to provide a better experience for each client than the last.

For Amanda, it’s seeing women celebrate themselves in the moment. Helping another woman realize that shape, size, complexion, money, color, education, etc don’t make us beautiful or successful. Womanhood is such a complex and varied journey. But, a journey that comes with lots of outside opinions and expectations. She’s made both a business and an experience out of showing people how beautiful they really are.

Stuck on defining your story?

That’s okay. If you’re a new business, it might be forming still. Start with your personal values and reasons you started your business. Next, look at your favorite client experiences. What similarities do you see? What kind of people did you love serving, and what results did they achieve? These questions should help you start to envision your brand’s story. If you need a few more prompts, check out building a brand story.

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