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Numbers every brand manager needs to know: Marketing analytics essentials

April 19, 2022

In order to keep growing your business, you need to be aware of what marketing efforts are paying off, and what platforms are costing you money. Marketing analytics can give you powerful insights into your brand’s performance. You are bound to be more effective in some mediums than others. And that’s okay! Lean into your strengths, work on your weaknesses, and know that your audience will always have a preferred channel that gets the most love. To optimize your marketing efforts, there’s a few numbers you’ll need to be aware of.

Top organic traffic source (volume of visitors)

First and most obvious, know where your traffic is coming from! You want to keep up the good work on the platforms that are driving people to your site. Additionally, look at the low end of this list. What platforms aren’t driving any traffic to your site? Is there an obvious reason why? Content creation and channel management are endless jobs. But if there are places that aren’t working at all, you can reduce your effort without worrying about how it will impact your business.

Channels that convert most often

So traffic to your website is great. But what about actual clients? If you’re not tracking where your conversions are coming from, you’re missing valuable insight into your clients’ search methods, preferred social channels, and buying patterns. Google analytics allows you to add custom goals regarding specific actions on your website. From there, you can determine what channels are driving the most quality visits.

Conversion rate analytics

Similar to the conversion source, you want to know how often you’re converting visitors. Do some pages have really low conversion rates? You can use this data to determine if a page needs some additional love and thought. A great copywriter can make a huge impact on your conversion rate!

Sales lifecycle – your buyer’s journey

How long does it take to turn a lead into a client? Your buyer’s journey is unique to your business. This time is costly to you, so understanding the typical process is important to your bottom line. Are there patterns where people typically take a while to respond to you? Maybe your proposal needs some clarity. Maybe it has too many options and people get paralyzed by the choices! Looks for patterns, and you might find some room for improvement that makes you more efficient in converting new clients.

Search term rankings

Did you know you can view your average ranking for search terms for free through Google search console? If you want to know if your organic content is working, you can get that answer! You’ll want to pay attention to two lists — what you ARE ranking for, whether or not it’s relevant. And what you WANT to rank for, tracking your improvement on those search terms. Some of the phrases you’re ranking for might surprise you! Use these lists as a jumping off point for making improvements on your SEO strategy.

Getting started with your marketing analytics

If you haven’t been tracking these metrics, that’s okay! Lots of small business owners are lost in the sea of marketing analytics, it’s not just you. Google’s search console and analytics apps are excellent free tools to help you start tracking what’s going on inside your business’s website. In 15 minutes, you can start tracking these things for yourself.

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