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photographer showcases her passion for her brand through genuinely laughing with wedding clients during their bridal portraits, showing the bride a back of the camera preview and smiling together

When passion and brand align, sales are effortless

April 5, 2022

Whether you feel this way or not, your business, services, or products solve a problem. If they didn’t, you couldn’t be selling! What I love most about serving the creative community is that all you business owners care deeply about your work and clients. When you weave your passion into your brand and truly serve people, sales are effortless and impact is tenfold!

Why the heart behind your brand matters

I’ve talked and talked about how making personal connections moves your brand forward. But, personal branding has more benefits than that. Let’s take a minute to reflect on the internal elements of your brand. Your mission, vision, and purpose are driven by personal convictions, refined and aligned to your brand. People can tell when there’s genuine inspiration behind your work. Not only that, but your ability to provide an amazing service and make an impact for your clients is that much greater.

behind the scenes image of photographer capturing a portrait of a groom on his wedding day

When you’re passionate about your work, motivation comes easier

Burnout is frequent in the entrepreneurship community. But those who are passionate about their work get back up. It’s nearly impossible to fathom any other career or a life without their business. The motivation to get back up eventually resurfaces. There’s something inside of you that drives you to keep moving.

Sales come more easily when you understand the value of your service

At this stage in your business, you’re not offering a budget service anymore. You know the special touch it takes to make your customer’s experience smooth, life better, and leave them feeling valued. And that takes time and money! But, when you’re genuinely committed to serving people and can’t help but go the extra mile, you create a network of people that can’t wait to refer you. Not only that, but you have an easier time selling through conversation and connection, rather than sales strategies and tactics that clients see through. You become know for things beyond your services, like your warmth, your quirks, your preparedness… that eventually define your brand.

Wedding photographer hugging the bride at the end of a wedding day

Reflect on the personal motivations in your brand and business

If you read this thinking this doesn’t apply, take a minute to ask yourself these questions and see if there’s any connecting threads…

  • Are the clients I love working with most starting to have personality traits in common?
  • Why did I choose this career?
  • If I hung up my hat tomorrow, would I be devastated? Would I know what to do?
  • Are there people in my life I feel like I’m doing this for?
  • If I wasn’t a ______, what would I be?
  • Are there similarities in the things I like to do outside of business, and the aspects of my business that I love most?
  • What motivates me in the morning when motivation doesn’t come naturally? If I’m able to gather self discipline to work, why is that?
  • What client stories are my favorite to tell? Are there similarities?

You have so much to gain

I hope this got you thinking a little this morning! Lean into your personal passion and bring it into your work. You have so much to gain by being your whole and genuine self in your business! This is what personal branding is all about.

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