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What to do when lack of confidence and motivation is plaguing your business

March 22, 2022

Some days as business owners, we can’t see the path in front of us. We get in creative ruts, we get a bad review, or a promotion doesn’t go as planned. We run out of ideas and aren’t sure how to push through to that next level of growth. Then, the doubt creeps in. We start to feel that imposter syndrome—that feeling that we don’t deserve the title or belong in our role. If lack of motivation is ruling your work decisions, then it’s ultimately holding you back. It’s time to shift your perspective.

I know SOOO many leaders, coaches, and courses out there tell you to “fake it till you make it.” They push the idea that you start to act as if you’ve already accomplished your next goal, and suddenly things will line up for you and start happening. But that philosophy feels fake and forced. There’s a tiny bit of logic to it You do have to get your business—from staff and backend systems to brand and marketing output—ready for the next level. This requires some vision, even some pretending you are in that place already. Putting yourself in the shoes of the business owner you’re becoming. But there’s a lot of hard work in between realizing what you want, taking the first step in that direction, and actually achieving it.

On the days when you wake up lacking confidence and motivation to run your business the way you need, here’s what you need to do.

Be direct about the work you do and the clients you love.

Take it back to the basics. To bring in more of your bread and butter work, you have to be talking about it! When you’re lacking confidence, it’s easy to stop marketing in the way you need. Go back to your favorite clients ever. Start asking for video reviews, writing about what you loved about working with them, and explicitly marketing those types of experiences again. Remember that the internet moves fast and people don’t read everything you post. You can go back to those favorites and re-share them. This is not only marketing content, but also a reminder to yourself of the fulfilling work you’ve done and impact on your clients, a subconscious reminder that you are killing it!

Understand the difference between motivation and discipline.

Motivation comes and goes. It’s emotional, and not controllable. We can’t trust and rely on motivation to always be there. Discipline is within our control as business owners. When you work for others, you show up and do the tasks regardless of how you feel. When you own the business, you have a choice. Choose to do your future self a favor and make progress each day anyway. In the long run, you will thank yourself for committing to steadily showing up for your business even when ever fiber of your being wanted to crawl back in bed. One day, what once took discipline will become second nature.

Now, this is not glamorizing the constant grind and suggesting you don’t take breaks. I recognize the need for mental health breaks, regular rest, and reducing your workload. But if your business needs you to show up and you’re unmotivated, you have to activate the self discipline to take care of your business.

Action is always better than inaction.

Don’t sit on your drafted plans waiting to perfect the details. Launch that article. Release that announcement. Hire that VA. Have the confidence to book a branding session, rebrand your business, and see how the market reacts. Taking action on something that’s 80% right will get you farther than never moving forward because it’s not 100% there. You can do this! Done is better than perfect.

Lastly, remember that every business owner has felt lack of motivation.

Those larger companies you’re comparing yourself to, too! They do not have all their systems together behind the scenes. Billion dollar companies have bad quarters, losses, dry spells, marketing campaigns that flop. The world’s most brilliant minds have experienced burnout, writer’s block, depression, lack of motivation. You cannot be the perfect entrepreneur no matter how many hours you work, books you read, or clients you book.

But, remember this. The work you do is valuable to your clients. It impacts the lives of your family and employees. Your careful customer service makes someone’s day. It’s normal to lack confidence and motivation. It would be crazy if you didn’t have those days! Just don’t let it hold you back.

Great things are coming for you, my friend!

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