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Are you ready to rebrand?

March 15, 2022

It might be tempting to rebrand your business when you feel you’re outgrowing your visuals and colors. But visual identity is just one component of an overall brand anatomy. Updating your visuals too frequently without aligning to an overall, long term vision for your brand can dilute your brand’s reputation and create a perception of inconsistency. Here are some signs you’re ready to rebrand, and signals that you might need to wait!

Signs you’re not quite ready for a rebrand

You’re thinking about your brand visuals only

Visuals are just the window into your brand. They stop people in their scroll and bring them in to your content. But your whole brand includes messaging, client experience, voice and tone, mission, vision, niche, values, and non-visual marketing channels. If your only motivation for rebranding is a logo or color that doesn’t sit right with you, talk with a brand designer about making more minor changes to your visual first before investing in a rebrand that might not be impactful.

You haven’t defined a mission, vision, or niche clientele for your business

The rebrand needs to be purposeful. It’s a large investment of both time and money! The core aspect of your new brand should carry your business to what you want it to become over the next couple of years. Make sure you’re thinking for the long term. That starts with some “heart work” on defining what you want to accomplish, who you can serve, and how you’re different.

You recently made a brand change that didn’t work out

It’s easy to feel the pull of new trends and want to align to what the industry is doing. But the best brands stand out. Changing your brand visuals too often can dilute the power of your brand. The reputation and recognition your brand develops over time is one of your business’s most valuable assets! Make sure to establish some consistency in your branding and only make major changes when they align to an overarching goal.

Signs you’re ready to rebrand your business!

Maybe none of the above apply and you are SO READY to jump in to rebranding! I hear you. It’s exciting!! Here are some signs you’re ready to pull the trigger on a brand new brand image:

Your conversion rate is low and your leads are saying you’re out of budget 50% of the time or more.

This is typically because your visuals and messaging are attracting clients that can’t afford you. It signals there’s a misalignment in your marketing and the actual quality service you provide. In this case, it’s time to upgrade your brand and get a great copywriter to help you communicate and sell your value!

You have to re-explain your messaging throughout your sales process because people don’t get it.

Is your FAQs list getting SUPER long? Do consultations run slow and people ask a lot of basic questions? Your brand needs clarity and focus. This is a sign you could benefit from having a great brand designer analyze and revitalize your clientele’s buyer’s journey.

You’re constantly editing marketing collateral before a meeting or launch because you feel things don’t represent you well

Embarrassed to send people to your website in its current state? Have brochures, proposals, email sequences, etc that are all out of whack? If your onboarding and booking workflows are a mess, those might be symptoms of an underlying brand that’s out of date. Time to get some backup!

Important considerations before you rebrand your business

Before you jump into a rebranding process, you have to look inward and determine where you’re going with this rebrand. A great brand designer is going to ask you a TON of questions about your mission and intentions. Here are some thoughts to help you clarify your purpose.

How is this brand going to serve you better?

You have to align this change to a larger goal around moving your business forward, serving more of your ideal clients, and accomplishing your personal or business goals. If the rebrand isn’t backed by strong purpose, you’ll find yourself back in this place far too soon! In exactly what way do you think a new brand will make your business better? Is the brand change alone realistically going to accomplish this?

How are my services different than the last time I rebranded?

You’ve probably grown and changed your business since the last time you went through this process. Outline those changes, so you can analyze the messaging changes that need to align to your new services. A great copywriter and brand designer can see the alignment between your services changing, and the value that needs to be communicated to your clients.

Are there things I need to do to support the new brand’s success?

Your brand and your business are not one and the same. Do you have your heart set on a luxury look? Then, you need to provide a luxury client experience! While the professionals are taking care of your brand, you will want to look at the rest of your business and see what needs to change to support the new vision. When you’re ready to launch your rebrand, you’ll be set up for success!

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