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Easy brand updates to make today

March 8, 2022

As we enter spring, the event industry is coming back to life, people have room in their budgets again, couples are planning their weddings, and consumers are ready to shop for the new season. But… is your brand ready? It’s time for spring cleaning for your brand! Check out these easy brand updates you can make without hiring a designer today.

Update your brand’s profile images and headers

The easiest brand update to make is your profile images! Make sure they reflect your current appearance, are on-brand as far as style and composition goes, and are the same across platforms. When you have a great profile image, it’s tempting to leave it there forever. But, you change and so does your business! It’s important to keep this up to date and on-brand.

Review the bio text on all your marketing platforms

Has your niche or specialty changed this year? Have you moved to a new location? Did you start offering a new service or find something you’re extra great at doing? Update your bio! All businesses grow and change. So, unless you entered a coma and woke up in the exact same position in your business that you were in last year… you have some updates to make!

Refresh the home page and portfolio gallery imagery on your website

Clients are viewing your site! If you track any analytics, you know lots more people see your work than actually contact you. Make sure your best and latest work is prevalent on your website. Remove any imagery that’s inconsistent with the rest of your images with respect to lighting, composition, and quality. Highlight that recent work you love, and you’re up to date! Need help creating some imagery to fill the gaps? Reach out to talk about brand photography options!

Check for outdated branding within your autoresponders and email sequences

These fall out of date SO fast! This is where I personally have trouble keeping up. Your emails—or anything that you have set up to automatically communicate with people—should make clients aware of your current expertise, specialty, and offers. Bonus points if they add value or offer something to your audience! At the very least, make sure these have accurate, relevant information for your new inquiries or subscribers.

Update your FAQs

The last two years were packed with fast paced changes! Especially regarding how we operate. Take a look at your FAQs, product or service guides, and both digital and physical collateral for clients to make sure everything is on brand, updated, and accurate. Use this time to consider your clients’ experience as they navigate through your marketing materials and guides. Are there any gaps in the messaging? Directions they need? Questions you get asked all the time that you might need to address?

Now, go show up with confidence!

Now that you’ve audited and updated your brand’s client-facing materials, go share, post, outreach, network, and market the heck out of your services knowing that your clients aren’t going to come across inconsistencies and inaccuracies. You’ve got this!

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