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Photographer amanda richardson shows brand photography client the back of her camera during a branding session, increasing her confidence and improving the customer journey by allowing her to feel more confident in that moment. The black and white image shows both women smiling and looking down at the camera, pleased with what they see.

Branding Throughout the Customer Journey

March 1, 2022

Brand imagery isn’t just a fancy term for your social media pictures. Sure, having the content to plan the perfect Instagram grid is nice. But there’s more value to brand photography than that! When planning a branding session, be thinking about your customer journey and the different touchpoints with your clients, both before and after they hire you. Consistency and visual storytelling along the way can help increase your conversions.

Creative ways to weave branding into the customer journey.

Use strategic “internet real estate” consistently throughout public profiles

Most of you running a modern business have multiple digital profiles now. While your website is your home base, people will usually find you elsewhere first. You have profile and cover images on most social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and more. Make your social media profiles work harder for you! You don’t have to have a boring banner image. Use this space to shout out what you do, and where you want customers to reach out to you. Or, promote your lead magnet here! Whatever you do, just make sure it’s on-brand and looks the same across different profiles. Customers will usually interact with you on several sites before buying in, so you want to be recognizable. More on this in 12 ways to use your branding photos.

Customize your proposals and experience guides to your brand and customer journey

Upgrade from sending a quote, to sending a visual proposal to see a huge impact in your conversions! In a proposal, you can lay out the value of your services in more depth before putting a price on it. Include customer testimonials and images that showcase how you are going to get results for your clients. [If you need help creating that imagery, you’re on the right website! Reach out.] By the time your clients get to the pricing, they can already picture themselves as one of your clients. That’s the magic of brand imagery!

Cary your brand experience through to the goodbye phase.

A great customer journey leaves you wanting more. With personal brands and service industry businesses, the relationship you build with clients throughout their experience can be surprisingly close! I know you’re all thinking about that one amazing client right now and the relationships you’ve built over the years. Your brand experience doesn’t end after you deliver your services. Consider using your CRM to weave in a “goodbye” series to your experience. Let them know you’re still thinking about them after!

For wedding planners, this may look like anniversary cards. And you can automate and brand those! For business services and coaching, you might send an automated (but personalized) check in 90 days after your contract. With catering clients, send a message to your most loyal clients before the holiday planning starts to remind them you’d love to work with them again. These little touchpoints go a long way. Don’t forget to weave your brand imagery into this process! Visuals increase conversions, even with past clients.

detail brand image of a gold notebook sitting on top of an open laptop at a bistro table where a business owner has been working from a coffee shop

Don’t leave any detail unbranded!

Okay, don’t just go throwing your brand colors and photos on everything without strategy. But if there’s a single thing in your client journey—the content they consumer from first impression, to inquiry, to goodbye—that doesn’t align with the brand, then you need to take a second look at it. Remember that your brand also includes your voice, message, and values. So, you can brand your emails through careful copy! Add visuals tastefully and with purpose. And voila, you have the perfect customer content journey! Happy converting!

Don’t have the right visuals in place to communicate what you need?

I help creative businesses communicate their value through brand photography. Let’s get on a call and figure out what you need to tell your brand story! You already provide an amazing service, and together we can create the imagery you need to attract and convert the right clients.

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