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How to plan your social media content with purpose and consistency

February 22, 2022

Clarity and consistency in your messaging, voice, and visuals are crucial to having a trustworthy brand. But, I understand how tough it is to figure out what to post week after week. You’ve exhausted your same old intro posts, core content, and headshots. So how do you plan your social media content with purpose and consistency when your messaging should stay relatively the same? It all goes back to a well defined brand.

Know what drives your brand messaging

Know your mission and values, and scrap anything that doesn’t align to them. ANYTHING! I’m serious. It’s really easy to see a shiny new topic or semi-related thing and want to dip your toes in it. But until you are masterfully reaching your ideal clients in your current niche and consistently booking them, stay on the straight and narrow. Clients make quick judgement calls the first time they see your content. Any inconsistency in what you stand for, offer, sound like, etc will be a mental red flag. Focus on your mission and values, and scrap anything from your marketing that doesn’t scream you!

Determine your content pillars

Underneath your primary focus, there are sub-topics of content that you are proficient in, are important to your message, and expand upon your personal brand strategy. Determine what these content pillars are going to be in order to help vary your content, but stay on brand.

Develop a brand messaging thesaurus

Stuck on what to post on social media without repeating yourself? Determine your core messages, and write a dozen ways to say them. You can communicate the same thing using different words, from different perspectives, illustrating different niche applications. Maybe one day you use a story. Another time, you say the same thing directly to your audience. Then, you might use an analogy. Finally, a client testimony that reinforces your point. No matter your core message, there’s going to be variations. Write them out, and save what strikes you. Now, you have a library of social media content so you don’t have to scramble to post consistently.

Creating strategic social media content

The number one thing you can do to help your content work smarter for you is to create intentional calls to action. Think about what you want your clients to DO NEXT. You have to intentionally and strategically ask people to do what you want. If you don’t know what that is… back to the drawing board! You marketing content needs a purpose. Anything you publish should have a next step in mind.

You don’t have to wait until you get them on a consult call to get them thinking about working with you. They aren’t going to find that like, share, book, contact button by accident. Calls to action are critical! “Share this with someone who needs it,” “Click the link in my bio and set up a free consult call if you want to know more about x topic.” These kinds of direct calls to action are critical for getting engagement and reach out of your content. You may even find yourself converting more clients.

Tell your client success stories on social media

Tell your client success stories. People respond to outcome messaging. What do I mean by that? Well, you can market your services all you want. But, your client doesn’t know what they need. They have a problem they need solved, and they have no clue if the service you’re marketing will solve their problem.

For example… a bride is looking for a wedding planner. She has some disconnected visions for her wedding design and wants someone to bring everything together cohesively. You’re a wedding planner, and you start marketing your packages, including full service planning with 10 hours on site and rehearsal dinner directing. You promise to take the stress off her and her family and ensure a smooth and beautiful wedding day. Okay, great. But another wedding planner offers the same thing. You don’t want to get stuck competing on price alone!

Your customer testimonials, experience, and outcomes are powerful marketing tools in this instance. A video testimonial on your website of a past bride DESCRIBING how it felt for all the pressure to be taken off her, and to get to just enjoy the wedding day? That’s an instant sale!! Set yourself apart with the powerful testimonials of your clients.

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