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Personal chef in business casual attire sitting down at a client consultation, pointing at her laptop screen and smiling back at her potential client

Convert more clients just by showing up

February 15, 2022

People buy from brands they remember, connect with, and understand. They will not remember you if they see you once. They may not even remember you if they see you twice! But a consistent, recognizable presence that adds value to their lives and answers their questions will make you much more memorable and findable. You can convert more clients this year just by showing up. Sure, it has to be consistent and strategic. But showing up is the first step.

Personal connection sways buying decisions.

Are you more inclined to pick up a pair of earrings for your mom for Christmas at Kohls, or order a pair from the friendly gal on Instagram that shows you the behind the scenes care it takes to make each pair? You remember she posted a funny debate she was having with her husband about something silly, and you weighed in on the debate. It’s definitely more enticing when you know who your money is going to right?! See, that’s how personal branding works!

It takes multiple interactions to convert a new customer

Rarely will someone reach out and inquire the first time they see your content. You have to repeat yourself and get your message out there! People don’t pay attention to everything you post. Your most loyal followers see your content like 30% of the time. I promise! You’re not spamming people. You’ve got to work hard to get the word out! It’s okay to repeat yourself, reinforce your messaging all the time, and be persistent. You convert more clients in the long run by being the go-to person in your corner of the market, which takes LOTS of repetition!

Images help people visualize and remember what you do, AND see THEMSELVES in your work!

Social media is passively and quickly consumed. You have to be creating visuals to help people understand what you do and who you work with. Headshots of yourself alone are not going to cut it anymore. Unless you’re showing behind the scenes content, people aren’t going to get what it is you do! Wedding planners… if all you have is pictures of your weddings from the photographers, then you’re missing all the hard work that went into the set up, design process, and client care. People can’t distinguish quickly between what content is from a planner, florist, designer, or photographer. They’re not going to your bio to check out who you are unless the content is REALLY amazing and stands out.

People don’t read your captions

Attention spans are short, and people aren’t reading your captions. SHOW them who you are and what you do, QUICKLY. Imagery has to be intentional. Yes, you’re going to vary your content between educational, graphics, images of you, behind the scenes, and portfolio work. But get to the point quickly! If someone clicks on your profile, those first 6 to 9 posts should tell them who you are, what you do, who you serve, where you are, how to contact you.

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