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What is a personal brand?

February 8, 2022

I talk often about your personal brand and being yourself in your business. So what even is a personal brand? Well, there are a lot of definitions out there. It’s complicated, kind of like describing what makes up a reputation, a personality, a character. There are lots of components. But at its core, personal branding is a strategy for centering your brand around who you are in order to connect with your clients on a deeper level.

So what is personal branding?

Personal branding is the art of including your story, personality, and unique expertise into your business’s marketing, images, presence, and copy. At the foundation of your personal brand, you have internal elements that may or may not be explicit to your team or your customs, like your vision, mission, and brand personality. Your values and your voice give depth to your brand, allowing you to attract niche clients.

How personal branding works as a marketing strategy

People connect with and purchase from brands that they know, trust, and regularly see. Marketing research tells us that people have an average of seven interactions with a brand before buying from them. That’s a lot of interactions to have to go your way before securing a new client. But, you can speed this up through personal content that drives connection, memorability, and leaves a lasting impact. If you have a content strategy that offers your new viewers to interact with your brand five different ways upon introduction to your company. Creating content that’s personal and binge-able allows you to build trust quickly and move people towards being ready to purchase or book.

The importance of brand photography within your personal brand

Imagery is an integral part of your online marketing strategy and building those connections with potential clients. Personal brand imagery helps you communicate your true value, reach the right audience, and charge your worth. It’s not just photos of you at work, holding your coffee, or sitting at your computer. It’s not stock-style images of you leading a team meeting or working with a client. Personal brand photography builds an intentional, personality-packed narrative to help you stand out in your market.

So what does personal branding accomplish?

When you have a brand that encompasses your passion, your personal vision for your life, and is built on strong values, it’s easier to build stronger relationships with your client, communicate your value, and reduce any confusion about who you are and what you do. The content that you create from a space of personal brand awareness is more powerful than sales content that doesn’t have the depth of a relatable brand behind it.

Ready to take the next step towards personal branding?

If you find yourself in years 2-5 of business, trying to raise your prices and hitting a wall… you might need to evaluate your brand. Your brand includes your messaging and copy, imagery, graphics, colors, fonts, and the way you deliver your products, marketing, and client experience. When building a luxury brand, you have to make sure that your brand is consistent and conveys value on every single level.

If brand imagery is one of the missing pieces, then I can help you make a plan for that. Personal brand photography is one element of a successful luxury brand. We can transform your marketing starting with a brand photoshoot!

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