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Marketing luxury services – how brands change as they grow

January 11, 2022

After your first few years in business, you start to enhance your services, master your craft, and move into the luxury market. You might be offering the same products and services you did in the past, but the quality and experience you offer your clients has seriously increased in value! It can be difficult to market luxury services when you’ve raised your prices and now deliver something more valuable. Marketing luxury services is about communicating benefits rather than features, outcomes rather than deliverables, and helping your clients visualize the impact your services make on their lives.

Increasing your prices and charging your worth

In order to charge luxury prices, you have to communicate how you deliver incredible value. The number one mistake small businesses make when increasing their prices is not changing their brand messaging. The features of your products and services don’t make your business stand out in the marketplace. What makes you stand out is your personal brand, client experience, and unique touch that no one can replicate! These are the benefits of working with you over your competitors.

Marketing your value: features vs benefits

Two images: fork and spoon and champagne glass on floral plate and blue napkin washington dc and white wine with glassesMarketing value is about helping your client understand the unique benefits of your business. Let’s take a cup of coffee for example. The product is a hot, dark roast, 16 oz cup of coffee with 15 mg of caffeine, and its features might include organic, fair trade, locally sourced, rich flavor. But how does a customer choose between two cups of coffee with similar features? They choose based on benefits. They might know the benefits from past experience, assume them based on reviews, or learn through your marketing. This is the chance to control the story about your business and communicate value. 

Take Starbucks for example. How do they get away with charging $6.00 for $0.50 worth of coffee? You can literally buy the bags from them in bulk and brew your own at home. Starbucks has excellent story-telling and marketing skills that convince customers to pay their markup and keep coming back. They don’t try to sell a cup of coffee. They’re selling the experience of having someone else take care of you for a minute while you take a break from your busy life to enjoy your morning coffee. They sell the exclusivity of a limited time only festive drink. They sell the moment of focus and free wifi, the drive-thru on your way to work, and the convenience of ordering online. 

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Communicating value to your clients: clarity, consistency, and confidence

Before you can convey your value, you need to know what that is. Get clear on why people should choose you. What are the results that clients have after working with you? How do they feel, how have things changed for them? What separates what you do from other similar businesses? These are all part of your brand messaging

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Consistently reinforce that message in your copy, in your imagery, in your delivery, and in your designs and graphics. This establishes your authority, expertise, and reliability. Don’t be afraid to repeat your core brand messages often! Digital marketing is fast paced, and even your biggest fans don’t see every single thing you post. Even if they do, being known for something is incredibly valuable. Consistency builds confidence in your brand! 

Confidence in marketing luxury services

And speaking of confidence… your customers can’t have confidence in you, if you don’t have confidence in yourself first. Be bold in your personal branding choices. Have confidence in what you offer, its value, your pricing, and your messaging. Marketing luxury services comes down to convincing people to pay more for something because of its unique value. You can’t do this if you don’t believe in it yourself.

washington dc cake being served and woman holding champagne glassStruggling to build a luxury brand? It might be your marketing.

If you find yourself in year 2-5 of business, trying to raise your prices and hitting a wall… you might need to evaluate your brand. Your brand includes your messaging and copy, imagery, graphics, colors, fonts, and the way you deliver your products, marketing, and client experience. When building a luxury brand, you have to make sure that your brand is consistent and conveys value on every single level. 

If brand imagery is one of the missing pieces, then I can help you make a plan for that. Personal brand photography is one element of a successful luxury brand. We can transform your marketing starting with a brand photoshoot!

Get in touch! 

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