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Sharpen Workshop with Chef Deb: What Chefs will Gain

December 28, 2021

I am returning to Sharpen Workshop with Chef Deb in 2022, and I couldn’t be more excited! This year, I’m taking the stage to talk about personal branding for the culinary industry. I attended Sharpen in 2020 as the photographer. I am so excited to finally be back together for 2022 for great food, powerful business education, networking with others who ‘get it’, and lots of laughs! Will you be joining us in January?! Please say hi!

What is Chef Deb’s Sharpen Workshop?

Once a year, Chef Deb hosts a hands-on workshop for chefs and culinary business owners in Fort Worth, Texas. She brings in guest speakers and experts in their field to educate in all areas of business management, including branding, marketing, process, operation, scaling, finance, and more. As the name implies, the conference is an immersive education experience intended to sharpen all aspects of your business operations and foundation. This year, the workshop is scheduled for January 13-14, 2022.

Curious how 2020 was? Read about Sharpen Workshop 2020 here.

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Is Sharpen Workshop worth attending?

If you’re new here, you need some context. I used to be a chef before I picked up the camera. I owned several businesses before I became a brand photographer. As a business owner in the culinary and events industry, I burned myself out. So while I never attended Sharpen as a chef, I do have a clear picture of the value of the conference from a chef’s perspective. The answer is yes, it’s worth it! Here’s what you can expect to gain from attending Chef Deb’s
Sharpen Workshop.

Networking with Your Peers in the Culinary Industry

Industry peers are a strong asset in your business’s growth. Have you ever heard the phrase a rising tide lifts all boats? It’s true! You need others in your industry in your corner if you’re going to thrive! As businesses grow and get booked up, they need others to refer to when they’re busy. Every business owners needs friends to talk to who get their struggles and wins. And, you bring strengths and valuable information to all your business relationships, just as much as you glean from them.

Use Sharpen Workshop to grow your friendships, increase your network, and deepen your connections. Even as a photographer, I’m here to listen to business owners and learn from them just as much as I teach them. Take Vedam for instance. I met him through Deb’s Sharpen Workshop, and value him friendship now so much! Connections don’t mean instant clients, but they’re vital to the long term growth of your business.

Specific Question and Answer Time with Experts

You could go attend a generic conference with a massive crowd of hundreds, all battling over the opportunity to ask questions. Or go sit in an intimate setting with guaranteed opportunity to ask the experts specific questions about your business. This workshop is intended to go deep, be specific, and be tailored towards culinary professionals looking to scale to that next level. Bring your questions about your market and niche.

Q and A with Chef Deb

A Success and Growth Checklist for Chefs – for YOUR Business

The Sharpen Workshop is not a conference. It’s a workshop. This means that you’re going to walk away with outside input on your business from industry professionals. While at Sharpen, you’re working through exercises for YOUR business. It’s specific and targeted to you.

What does Sharpen Workshop cost?

At an investment of only $395 for the two day workshop including your meals, you get a lot of input, direction, and education for your money. It’s a crazy good deal for the type of hands-on workshop. Typically, early bird specials for those who commit in advance (usually before Black Friday) are nicely discounted. If you’re thinking about the 2023 workshop, you can join the Sharpen Workshop wait list!

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Learn Personal Branding for Chefs and Culinary Businesses

I am thrilled to be teaching on personal branding for chefs and culinary professionals! If you know me, you know I live and breath this topic. I became a brand photographer after struggling through crafting my own culinary brand. Now, I get to share what I learned with you so you don’t have to make the same mistakes. Learn how to define your niche, connect with your clients, and build a reputable and consistent brand image by getting personal with your marketing.

Register for Sharpen Workshop with Chef Deb – January 13-14, 2022

If this sounds like something you need, register for Sharpen Workshop 2022. I can’t wait to see you there! Get ready for good food, great advice, and lots of hard work on your business trajectory.

Learn more about Chef Deb’s coaching business and Sharpen Workshop.

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