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Creating behind the scenes content: how to educate clients on what you do

December 14, 2021

No one knows what you do. Seriously! They might know your title, but they don’t understand all that comes with it. People typically shop for an item or service, without realizing the work it takes behind the scenes to provide those things. They want the features, but they’re looking for the benefits. Clients don’t understand your industry, so you have to tell them what they’re looking for. Creating captivating behind the scenes content is a great way to educate your clients on what you deliver. More so, it allows you to showcase the ways in which you do things better, more thoroughly, differently, or intentionally that aren’t explicit on your price list or product offerings.

Show your potential clients what you actually do.

Take wedding planners for example. When couples seek out a planner, they are looking for someone to help with event design, vendor coordination, and set-up primarily. They don’t know you’re also screening contracts, reassuring stressed parents, reminding vendors of the details and schedule, making sure their luggage and gifts get to the right place, distributing tip envelopes, and quickly nipping problems that arise on the wedding day. 

You could tell your clients you offer full service planning and coordinating. If you list everything you offer, they still won’t understand the benefits of working with you versus anyone else. You have to teach them. People hire who they connect with. When it’s down to you and one other offering the same list of services, the person who has described the client experience, behind the scenes process, and made a personal connection wins the business every time.

I know you offer something special.

Here’s the thing. You would not have made it this far if you didn’t offer something extra special. In the wedding planner example, this person is on the ball. They provide such a stress free experience, making the clients and family feel like the planners can handle anything and all they have to do is relax. Behind the scenes though, there’s a flurry of task management and fire control going on that never makes it back to the client. How do you educate your clients on this behind the scenes benefit of what you do?

Image features a behind the scenes look of a boutique shop owner in Wilmington NC showing her clients new products. This content was created through personal brand photography.

You’ve got to start creating behind the scenes content, marketing benefits, and sharing outcomes.

I know you get emotionally invested in your work and throw you all into it. That’s a hard concept to explain to a new inquiry without the strong testimony of past clients, or great behind the scenes content and stories to back explain and back up your claims. Here are some simple ways to start showcasing benefits instead of features, experience instead of packages, and outcomes instead of reviews.

Share live from your event, behind the scenes!

Back to our wedding planner example. Most couples only plan one wedding, so they don’t know what it’s like behind the scenes of a wedding or event. You are good at what you do. How can you highlight this? Creating behind the scenes content can be really simple, and right from your phone. For some business owners, the most stressful parts of the day are the ones they excel at most. Can you have someone on your staff document this? If not, create a video or blog where you talk about how you handle these situations. Real stories help validate your skills, and show clients what it’s like to work with you. Not sure how to showcase this? We wrote a blog on that too

Share content that describes client outcomes

No one can describe the worth of hiring you better than your happiest customers. Let them speak for you! They may describe a benefit you never knew you offered. Gather up testimonials, and see what the trends are. Are there words they use to describe their experience that you don’t use in your marketing? Take note!

Outline your client experience and provide them with guidance and expertise.

Do you provide guidance and planning beforehand? Do you offer any white glove services? These are great benefits! They’re not included or excluded on your package, but need to be talked about in your marketing. This is the difference between features and benefits. For instance, a feature would be describing a four hour photoshoot option. A benefit would be that I have done the research on my clients’ brands to understand what we need to capture during those four hours, and I’ve blocked out the different scenes in a mini timeline of the shoot beforehand. 

Three woman gather around a computer with papers and pens to plan their content

Connect with clients by showing them what you’re up to on an office day.

If you have not started sharing about your world, you’re losing out on clients. People crave connection!  Always start your day with coffee? Show that! Love a clean desk at the end of the day? Awesome! That’s content. Does your staff have fun meetings? Snap a quick pic! Clients can start to imagine what you’re like to work with as they see this sort of stuff. They have more to remember you by, and are more likely to hire you over someone they know less about. The content itself is less important than just showing up consistently. Viewers connect to the little things. You’d be surprised what they remember!

Not sure what to talk about when educating your clients?

Start with your client experience, and the unique benefits you offer. Next, look at what they need to know right before they’d reach out to hire you. If you’re stuck for content prompts, check out this post on educating your clients

Truthfully, they’ll still never know everything you do behind the scenes.

No one will ever truly know or understand all that you do behind the scenes to keep customers happy and the business running! I have owned many a small business now. I educate constantly, but there’s always more below the surface that clients don’t see. An hour of shooting is five or six hours of work elsewhere in planning, administrative, and editing tasks that I rarely talk about.

I get it. Creating content is hard.

Reaching out to those clients after their experience with you to collect their story is like pulling teeth sometimes. Also, I know it’s hard to stop mid-event craze and intentionally capture behind the scenes content. It’s not going to happen unless you plan for it. But, knowing how you feel and what you need to communicate to your clients… I can work with you to show this aspect of your business, completely and intentionally, opening up a whole new category of content marketing opportunities. 

This is the role of personal brand photography.

The event photographers from your weddings and catered events have all different styles, making your portfolio look confusing and inconsistent. You know you need to step up your game in this area. That’s what personal brand photography can do for you. We walk through your professional headshots, casual personal photographs, creating behind the scenes content of your work, and more to ensure a well rounded and representative gallery of images to take your marketing to the next level.

Headshot of Lala and Elm shop owner in Wilmington NC taken by amanda richardson photography.

Ready to take the next step?

February and March openings are filling up. If you’re ready to tell the behind the scenes story of your business with consistency, this is the perfect time of year to get started. Take the next step and reach out for a consultation call now. Let’s get your brand ready for the new year! 

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