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Small business growth in 2022 | Time to bet on yourself!

December 7, 2021

Your business will be different in 2022. There’s no way a dedicated business owner like you is going to settle for ending 2022 in the same position you’re in now. You’re going to hit some milestones this year. You’re hopefully going to take some time and space to rest too. But you’ve got big plans and goals for your company. Small business growth in 2022 is not going to happen by accident. You know this. You’re starting now with setting goals, intentions, and laying the path for big growth! You are making SURE your business will be different in 2022.

I’m proud of you. I know how hard it is to dream big and get to work. Focus takes discipline. Not everyone is cut out for this type of independence and path-blazing. But still, I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t challenge you too. I have some hard questions for you. 

Are you marketing the business you’re becoming?


Photos from our latest photoshoot with our RAISE YOUR Brand Cover Girl, Chef Keisha Brynn!

Bloody mary being poured and waffles

Setting goals and taking strides in the right direction is only the beginning. If you’re still marketing the same business you were last year, then you’re standing in your own way. I’ve brought up the concept of acting “as if” before. What I mean is that you need your brand, your message, your image, your pricing (I said it!!), and your client experience to represent the business you are aiming to be in three months. You act, look, talk, and charge AS IF you are crushing those goals and growing like crazy. 

Why? Because if you don’t, it will be harder for your clients to see the value you provide when you elevate your services in three months, six months, etc. It will be harder for you to confidently raise your prices and know you can justify it. It will be harder for you to reach new audiences and position yourself as an expert in your field if you haven’t been already talking like you have the expertise. 

Confidence and consistency are going to be crucial to all your small business growth efforts in 2022. 

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Preparing now for your business growth in 2022

I see you setting goals and improving your craft. You’re putting in the work to make sure you provide a better service. You are working harder than ever. Now, have you prepared for your own success? 

I know you’ve planned for the work. But you need to count on it paying off! If you smash your goals, and your clients six months from now come back and look at your current Instagram posts, Facebook, blog, website, brand images, etc… will they think they’re lost? They couldn’t possibly be in the right place because this is not the super professional, confident, expert they hired? This is what happens when you don’t count on your own success. Prepare for the win! Visualize it. What does your website need to look like? How does your client process need to change to shift upscale? 

chef dressing a drink and overhead shot of brunch spread

What happens when you invest in your brand image

You’re growing, and you need a brand image that represents who you’re becoming, not who you were last year. You’ve tried to DIY your content. You’ve tried to use great stock imagery, or have a friend take behind the scene photos. You’ve used every event photographer’s photos they send, in all their varying styles and done the patch-work-looking image galleries on your website. It always falls short of showcasing the true value and consistency you provide to customers.

chef plating asparagus and steak

peach roses and pasta dinner

As your small business grows, your brand grows

Rebranding is an investment. Your website, logo, copywriting, imagery, business cards, marketing materials, even your overall approach and style. It’s all part of your brand’s reputation and image.

What happens when you invest in your brand image? You gain the authority and trust to raise your prices. Your ideal clients connect with you more easily. You build more relationships by showing your face consistently. You’re memorable and impactful!

pasta with kale and sweet potato

lamp lollipops and steak on dinner table

Bet on yourself in 2022.

Prepare for your wildest successes. I believe in you. It’s time to invest in your own success. For some of you, that looks like getting a bookkeeper, a CMO, an associate, or even a complete rebrand. If planning for business growth in 2022 means investing in personal brand photography, it’s time to reach out. I’m booking clients 3-5 months before their session date, making sure we capture their brand the way they need to position themselves for growth and elevation. If this sounds like you, inquire today.

Not sure where to start with brand strategy?

If you have been feeling in the weeds in the back end of your business and the idea of planning for 2022 stresses you out, I have a solution for you. I am sitting down with a couple of small business owners for 1:1 strategy sessions this month. In this session, we’ll discuss a personalized, high-level strategy direction for your business, do a full website critique, and chat brand positioning for the new year. If you’ve been struggling to find your footing for brand elevation but aren’t ready for a full rebrand right now, this is a perfect step to take before the new year. It’s an intense, value-packed hour for an investment of only $99. When I launched this offer yesterday, one of the three spots got snagged up right away! Now, two spots remain. Sign up for your strategy session today.

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