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Headshots of the five women on the amanda richardson brand photography team

Meet the Amanda Richardson Photography Team

November 16, 2021

Thank you so much for all your sweet messages while I was at Wedding MBA last week! It was such an honor to take that stage, and your encouragement helped so much! I am so thankful for my team for holding down the fort while I was traveling. I thought I’d take a moment to have you meet the Amanda Richardson Photography team! They are always working in the background to keep my business moving, freeing me up to spend more one-on-one time with my clients. It’s thanks to my team that I get to spoil my own clients so well.

My Wonderful Team Members

Executive Assistant: Madyson Pomeroy

You will speak with Madyson right from the beginning. Madyson maintains the day to day operations and is an integral part of my team. She keeps things running smooth on social media, books any and all of our vendors, maintains our calendar and so much more! She has been a huge aid in keeping the administrative side of my business moving in the right, strategic direction while I focus on client interaction.

Personal Stylist: Lindsay Strausbaugh

Lindsay has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. She has the passion to help each client find the perfect polished look for the camera and feel good doing it! In 2017 she began offering Makeup and Styling to exclusive clients and she is dedicated to serving and educating with only non-toxic products.

Assitant Photographer: Jacy Voglewede

Jacy is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force National Guard. She has been a professional photographer for over 20 years and resides in North Dakota. We are honored to have her as part of our growing
team! She typically assists in covering our large-scale events. I got to travel with Jacy for the Wedding MBA conference, and she took some wonderful behind the scenes photo and video for me! I couldn’t be more grateful for her company and support.

Marketing Assistant: Jo Mahaney

Jo is a marketing consultant and brand strategist with her MBA in Marketing Analytics. She helps me determine strategic topics for my marketing campaigns, and assists with copywriting for the website, blog, emails, and more. You’ve been hearing from her for over a year now! A lot of my writing is a combination of my work and hers.

Graphic Designer and Private Editor: Kaitlin Olah

Kaitlin is a huge part of our team! She first joined last year when we began the designing the RAISE YOUR Brand Magazine. She now assists on Client facing projects like brochures, social media graphics and so much more! On top of that Kaitlin also does the hard work of editing many of the photos we deliver.

Creative Director and CEO: Amanda Richardson

Hi, I’m Amanda Richardson! I have been an Entrepreneur for over a decade with a special expertise in the event industry. I opened Amanda Richardson Photography in 2018. After being diagnosed with Uterine cancer, I decided to follow my life’s dream of growing a Brand Photography Studio. It’s been a whirlwind since then. I can hardly believe I have all these amazing women on my team! Visit my bio to learn more about my story.

Support is essential to going from overworked business owner, to excelling CEO!

There was a time when I was doing everything in my business. I wore all the hats: administrative, editor, marketing director, bookkeeper, stylist, web designer, all of it. There is no one person that is highly skilled in all those areas. I learned the hard way just how easy it is to get in the way of your own success. By investing in support where I needed it, I allowed myself to think more creatively about how to serve and deliver high value to my clients. The payoff is exponential! If you are struggling with burnout, working long hours, or experiencing slow growth at the moment, I would encourage you to analyze how much YOU do hands-on in your business.

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