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Brand photographer Amanda Richardson stands in front of the speaker's podium at Wedding MBA conference for event professionals

A special message from Amanda’s team before Wedding MBA

November 9, 2021

Tomorrow, our Amanda is going to be speaking at Wedding MBA 2021 in Las Vegas! Some lucky wedding and event professionals are going to get a live lesson in developing and maintaining a personal brand that converts ideal clients. If you’ve been here a while, you know she has so much to teach us in this area. We want to send her some encouragement today. Comment below, or send an email to wish her luck at Wedding MBA!

A message for you entrepreneurs

While she’s busy making big waves in Vegas, we wanted to bring you a special message! My name is Jo, and I am Amanda’s marketing copywriter and strategy consultant. Together with Madyson, Amanda’s virtual assistant, we execute Amanda’s vision for her marketing strategy and online presence when she’s on site shooting with clients, traveling, or doing the creative work that keeps the business growing.

Creating a thriving business requires support. It means outsourcing the things that overwhelm you or slow you down, so you can focus on what moves the needle forward. Having the right support people makes a huge difference in your ability to grow, grow consistently, and grow quickly. I’ve loved being a part of Amanda’s team. After a year of writing with her, I love seeing her tick those goals off her list, like tomorrow’s big speech! If you are struggling with burnout right now, consider reaching out for help from other passionate and talented professions who have the skill to take you to the next level.

Curious about wedding MBA?

Wedding MBA is a conference for wedding and event professionals. They have guest speakers that cover every topic, from planning and budgeting, to booking and converting, to running your business. Photographers, planners, florists, bakers, caterers, and all kinds of vendors flock to Vegas to learn more about the wedding industry niche. Interested in attending? Check out their website! Wedding MBA 2021 is happening now, but stayed tuned for 2022 info!

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