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Discovering Your Personal Style

November 2, 2021

When I dove into brand photography and started helping others enhance their brand image, I realized that so many amazing small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t even know how unique and awesome they really are. I’ve talked about using your unique qualities in your brand messaging, and bringing your personal style to your branding session. But, that doesn’t do you any good if you’re not confident in your personal style! One aspect of my roles as a brand photographer is to help you guys with discovering your personal style as a CEO. This is one of the reasons I hired Lindsay, our new personal stylist!

Discover aspects of your personal style you didn’t realize were so unique

We’ll work together with Lindsay to uncover your likes and dislikes. But, also what things make you feel confident, and what you aspire to. Understanding the vision for you business’s future and how you see your brand evolving are surprisingly important to your style! Equally as important is understanding what things make you feel your most confident. Not just what outfits, but where you feel confident, what you’re doing, and what you’re thinking about. Nobody feels extremely confident the first time in front of a camera. My team is here to help you find your confidence through discovering your personal style. Having a stylist and outsourcing not only the act of makeup, hair and clothes but having that additional support makes a huge difference in how you feel going into your photoshoot.

Project the image of what you aspire to

So why do we ask so many personal questions about you, your brand, and your goals? One of the things about brand imagery that people don’t realize is that it needs to be a few steps ahead of your business. What do I mean by that? You need to project the image of the brand, business, and person you’re aspiring to. This does two things. When you get your images back and see yourself from that perspective, it inspires you to take the leaps you need to get to the next evolution of your brand. Second, it starts to make an impact on your audience and clients. You might notice that the types of clients that connect with you are more in line with who you like to work with. When they consistently see you as the confident, put-together, professional that you are, you grab their attention and are empowered to raise your prices, market your new offers, and put yourself out there without worrying that you don’t look the part. It is about “acting as if” even if you aren’t quite there yet. If you put yourself out there your audience will notice and it will strengthen your relationship with like-minded potential clients.

Ready to transform your brand image?

Wondering if the timing is right for you? Let’s talk about it together. Book a discovery call, and I’ll be in touch soon!

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