Your client connections: two of the biggest money-makers you overlook
Mini pancakes and other small appetizers with champagne in the background, a great example of making client connections over a meal

Your client connections: two of the biggest money-makers you overlook

October 12, 2021

How do you stay connected to your clients? Maintaining client connections can be one of the biggest marketing and revenue-generating tools at your disposal. But it goes without saying it’s a long game that time and commitment.

Connecting with your clients – past and present

Creating a community where your clients can relate to each other puts you in a position of leadership, harnesses trust, and grows personal relationships. There are two ways to take action right now and put this marketing power to work for you.

In-Personal Client Events

I know, Covid makes this harder. But as event professionals, we are all seeing how this can be overcome. Of course, I am suggesting these events be done in a safe way that follows all your state guidelines.

But beyond this challenge, in-person events are a huge marketing tool that gets overlooked and typically doesn’t even get considered. I mean think about it, your life revolves around planning and organizing for events, I am sure the last thing you want to do is plan one for yourself. The second hesitation I get is how expensive it can be! Let’s address both these valid concerns and explain why I think it’s worth it.

You’re burned out on your clients’ events.

“I plan or organize events all year, the last thing I want to do is have one for myself.” I get it. But think about what it would be like to gather all your dream clients in one place! If you read last week’s post, this is where having like-minded clients will really set you apart. This group of people not only shares common interests with you. But, they also will share those same interests with each other! Having an event like this can put you in a position of leadership and make you stand out in a way that no other planner, chef, photographer, venue owner, musician, etc. can even come close to because not a lot of people will take the time to do this.

Also, keep in mind the clients who may use you on a regular basis also plan ongoing events and may truly appreciate being able to attend an event without the stress of hosting one! Organizing something specifically for your clients creates a feeling that they are in with an elite group. It draws attention and word-of-mouth referrals that an ad on The Knot or Facebook can event come close to replicating.

Events for client connections are a big investment

“I have a lot of clients, an event would be a really expensive investment”. If done right, and no Event Professional would ever go halfway on something like this, then yes, it is going to cost you. But, weigh the cost against the benefits. If you commit to something this high-end for your clients, it will be planned well in advance and you will be budgeting for it. You also need to remember to draw on your marketing budget for this event, it is not just something to do for fun, you are strategically positioning yourself in front of your clients to build and grow as a leader and expert in your field.

Maintain Connections through Client-only Facebook Groups

I will admit, I do not practice what I preach here, because I do not have a client Facebook group. But I do see the value in them and I do plan to have one at some point. For me, the hesitation is simply that I want to make sure I am offering value to my clients. Groups take a lot of time and resources to manage the right way.

That being said, again there is tremendous value in having a quality client Facebook group. This is another place where you can set yourself up as a leader and position yourself as an expert in your niche. It is also another way to generate a sense of curiosity and a desire for potential clients to want to be a part of something private to the elite few. These clients are going to be like-minded because you have related to them on a personal level. Interacting with one another should come naturally, making your group interactive and energized.




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