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Your Personal Brand: What Makes You Distinct?

September 28, 2021

I am a personal brand photographer. What distinguishes me from other photographers?  I am an expert in personal brand strategy working specifically with chefs and event professionals who want to move from business owner to CEO. They want to define what makes them unique by creating a meaningful difference in their brand image. This will help them connect with new clients. That is a lot to absorb, so let’s break it down in bite-sized portions:

Defining Your Personal Brand

Being clear about who you are and the purpose of your business is crucial to defining your Personal Brand. Honestly, this is the most challenging element of your brand design. For me, it took me a while to really flesh out to whom I was specifically speaking. But if you don’t get really specific about who your audience is, then your business will constantly feel overwhelming.  You will get burned out quickly and consistently attract the wrong clients.

So how do you define your personal brand? You can start by doing this short exercise:

  1. What do you do? Example: I am an event planner
  2. Who do you serve? Example: I serve couples getting married
  3. What makes you connect with these clients? Example: The positive energy and colorful style they bring to their wedding.
  4. Why do you want to serve these clients? Example: Because I thrive in a trusting, positive environment with my clients and I also have a colorful style.

Be as simple as you can with these answers. To redefine the above example:

I am a Wedding Planner serving energetic couples that have a flair for life and color. I am an expert at infusing pastels into any wedding season with the same passion you have for each other.

Event Professionals I work with tell me with they are either scared to define themselves so specifically for fear they will turn away paying customers, or they do not feel there is a “niche” for the Wedding industry, meaning weddings are the niche and that just isn’t the case! The more specific you get about who you want to work with the more well known you will become for that very thing, leading to more referrals and ultimately allowing you to raise your pricing because you become more exclusive.

Getting Creative

Draw a line from getting clear defining yourself to getting creative and that is where the magic comes to life! Getting clear on who you serve opens up an entirely new world on HOW you can serve them. Think about it, if you are not specific about how you will serve your clients, you will constantly be bouncing back and forth in your messaging. Just saying you are a Wedding Planner with no boundaries around the type of wedding planner you are or the type of client you want to work with constricts your messaging and overall image.

Imagine you are a wedding planner who is an expert in pastel colors for any season. A bride who wants to get married in the fall, but doesn’t want bold oranges and browns everywhere, is going to want to connect with you. Brides like this will inspire you to create blog posts and Pinterest boards dedicated to your overall vision for pastel weddings. You will be able to speak to them from a place of authority, knowing what is trending with these color pallets and what venues will be the most aesthetically pleasing for their overall vision.

Consistent Communication

Communication is what ties it all together. Educating your audience on what their client journey will be like and how your business can positively impact their wedding or event is only halfway to distinguishing yourself from the competition. The second half comes from telling your audience who you are and why you do what you do. This is the most powerful tool you have because no one can copy your personal story. If you are the face of your business and you are or are stepping into the role of CEO then consistently communicating who you are and why you are there to serve your specific audience will connect with you. They want to know the face behind the CEO title and how you got to that place.


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