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Three Hard Content Creation Lessons

September 21, 2021

I wasn’t sure what I was going to share with you this week. When I started thinking, I was actually staring at the RAISE YOUR Brand magazine. Then it occurred to me, I needed to talk about learning lessons the hard way in business. If you have run a business for any length of time you know without a doubt that we all have to learn things the hard way. As a mom, I watch my kids grow up and know that they are getting themselves into trouble. They have to figure it out for themselves! Some business processes are the same. There are many hard content creation lessons I learned from falling on my face first.

I tend to do things the hard way before I figure out that there is a simpler path. So here are three things that have come to light since publishing my first magazine, but really they could apply to any kind of content creation. Learn from me, so you don’t have to learn these content lessons the hard way!

Content creation takes a lot longer than you think!

You would think we would know this. But at least for me, I always think it is going to go a lot faster and a lot smoother than it really is. To give you an example, the first issue of RAISE YOUR Brand was published in January of 2021. I didn’t have as much to do with the content side of that issue. It was not designed like an actual magazine. Meaning, when I decided that it would be a bi-annual periodical designed to educate and inspire Event Professionals, I didn’t really know what I was getting into.

I knew I would take a majority of the content from our blogs and compile them into a special themed issue. This current issue being all about “Styling your Brand”. But style looks different to everyone and there are various ways to give your brand image personal style. So I recruited past and current clients to write from their perspective on how style looked to them. I wanted my readers to be able to connect with real people and know they weren’t alone in their personal business journeys.

Creating content for a new format was a huge process adjustment!

Not only do I underestimate time, but I am also an admitted procrastinator! Needless to say, I felt the squeeze in June (when it was supposed to be going to print!). It took an additional TWO months to bring this magazine to life! I honestly don’t know how anyone publishes them monthly, yikes! I knew if I was going to do it, I was going to do it right the first time around. So, I took the extra time I needed.

Having your work printed is a much different feeling than seeing it on a computer screen. It is both prideful and terrifying from an artistic standpoint. Some of what took the longest was critiquing my photos and updating the edits until I was satisfied. Perfectionist? Maybe, but you do need to compensate for colors and exposure when they are printed on paper.

So what have I learned from all of this?

  1. Next time around I will gather my articles, content, and contributing authors A LOT sooner! As a matter of fact, I already have started organizing the next issue. I learned how to layout magazine spreads better and that each issue will require entirely new designs for each article. (Initially, my thinking was that I would set this as a template, but that isn’t how it works!)
  2. I also learned that it doesn’t have to be as long. I always want to give everyone as much information as possible, but sticking to the saying “less is more” really does resonate even when you are publishing a magazine.
  3. Doing one article at a time will save lots of headaches! As I am organizing the new layout I am realizing that if I just take it one article at a time the entire issue will come together with a lot less stress in the final stages.

The result is more satisfying than you realize

In the end, seeing this magazine come to life in print is a huge feeling of accomplishment. The first issue was a digital version only and while that took time and energy, seeing and holding the results in my hands takes it up a notch.

I am hoping to feature several different Event Professionals in the next issue. If you are a Planner Venue Owner, Photographer, Chef, Musician, Florist or any other kind of Event Professional we would love to connect and learn more about you and your business! Email us at

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