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12 Ways To Use Your Branding Photos

September 7, 2021

Branding photos will only enhance your personal brand if you use them well! Step one was getting them taken in the first place. Now, it’s time to put that beautiful brand imagery to work! Here are some of the ways to use your branding photos.

Change your profile photos

You probably guessed this first one. You need to use your brand photos as your personal and profession profile image! This is your favorite headshot. I actually created a free download for this one! See Uploading Your New Profile Image for all the details on how to select a photo and where to put them!

Use brand photos in your pricing guides

Using professional brand photos in your pricing guides is one thing that often gets overlooked. The absolute best advice I can give you is not to think in terms of only using behind-the-scenes photos. Create a page or spread after the cover page that introduces you and a peek into your life as well as your business. This purposefully uses lifestyle photos we take during your session and allows a potential client to get to know you on a more personal level generating a greater connection to you and immediately begins building trust.

Spice up your proposals

Think about how much more impressive a proposal is with visual graphics that connect you to the experience! This is another place you can build in a little bit about you, but proposals are more about what working together will look like to the client. This is why it is imperative that you work closely with a brand photographer and talk in-depth about your client packages, experiences and have your audience well-defined. Sharing that information with me will help clearly understand what you need to get out of each branding session and how we will visually represent that client journey.

Personalize your client guides

Here is another opportunity to really infuse your personal brand. Shape how you want your audience to see you and your brand! Information guides are similar to proposals. But, I feel like these can be a little more casual because they are meant to educate. You want the reader to learn about you, and why you do what you do, and who you work so hard for! This is a place you can share a combination of lifestyle and professional images that really communicate your overall message. The most important thing to consider when planning these out is to ensure that the message and content match the images. The download I created for these tips is a great example of putting those photos to use!

Your website and blog posts

This seems like a no-brainer, but it is HOW you put these images to work for you that makes all the difference. Your website is your business’s strongest marketing tool. This is where you are going to put a majority of those foundational images that are taken during a Full Branding Session. The foundational photos will include Behind-the-scenes, Business Professional, Business Casual and Lifestyle. The biggest question I get asked during a strategy call is “why do I need business professional images and what does that really mean?”

If you are investing in a Full Branding Photoshoot, then you are likely either rebranding and/or redoing your website. When that time comes, you are also scaling your business and growing into your role as CEO. This means working less IN your business and more ON your business. Business Professional photos help to reinforce that image to not only your team and your audience, but it helps you to see yourself as a confident leader.

I can’t say it enough, using your images in a purposeful way that makes sense next to your message is the key to truly getting the most out of your brand photos.

Marketing campaigns and landing pages

Using your images purposefully here is vital to the messaging of a good marketing strategy. But on top of that, I encourage you to think beyond the foundational images I mention for your website. Obviously, those photos will benefit some of the marketing content. If you are creating specific offers for your audience on a regular basis, it may be time to start thinking about investing in Multi-Session Photoshoots.

These photo sessions are designed especially for marketing campaigns and occur on a quarterly or monthly basis. My personal Multi-Sessions also have marketing strategy support built-in! This way you can bring me on as part of your team and collaborate with anyone from graphics and social media management to web design and copy editors. Pulling all of these elements together generates a cohesive brand image that you want across all your messaging platforms.

Use your brand photos throughout social media

This goes hand-in-hand with marketing. I am not a social media expert, but what I have learned from my own team is that all of these platforms have a need for images in one way or another. If you’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Instagram, you need to be using your brand images there.

My best advice is not to get yourself trapped into thinking social media is the only place you can ever use your professional images!

Thumbnail images for reels, videos, and highlights

Business owners tend to overlook this one! As Instagram moves into video (which we are all feeling the pain of), we are all scrambling to put together quick videos for Reels. Did you know you can upload a custom thumbnail? This allows you to still create a cohesive profile, even when you incorporate reels.

For Reel ideas, I actually suggest visiting Stephanie Kase’s website. She is a photographer and social media queen! She creates amazing resources that truly simplify your life on social media.

Use your brand photos in your email templates and signatures

So your emails are generally not going to be packed with photos, however, there are some key things you can keep in mind. In my business, we use Convert Kit for our email marketing and we have designed some header graphics that sit in our templates for different uses. Within these graphics, there is a purposeful picture that will resonate with the template we create. Additionally, each time I send out a newsletter I am adding in an image in the body that always corresponds to the content in the newsletter.

What you include in your email marketing will vary depending on your individual business and the campaign strategies you are putting into action. It is best practice to make sure that the photos in your emails correspond to the links you are pushing your audience to. Having photos that are cohesive harnesses trust and ensures people they are in the right place.

Business Cards

Obviously, you are not going to put a gallery of images on your business cards. Some people don’t have any! If you do decide to add photo(s), you want to apply the “Profile Image” rules above. If you take it a step further and put one on the back as well, you can add something that is more behind-the-scenes. I combined all three of these elements in mine, but again, you don’t have to use photos if want to keep it simple. An image makes you more memorable. Your card is less likely to get lost in a wallet somewhere if your face is on it.


If you are a food service provider, it elevates your brand to actually only use one or two quality images of your menu items as opposed to having an image of every dish (This rule does not apply to cookbooks.). Don’t feel limited if you only have a couple of images of your most popular dishes! This is good to keep in mind when you are planning out your food photography shoot

If you are a service provider, you might still have a menu of services. You can still visually represent your services in a way that is purposeful and tell the story of what you are offering. Most service providers have a really hard time with this. This is why getting really detailed with your brand photographer is important! They can help you visually craft your brand story.

Media Kits and Press Releases

If you are in a place where you require a media kit and/or are doing press releases then first let me say, WOOHOO! There should be no questioning professional photography at this stage in the game. You need professional brand images for these things. Those iPhone photos just aren’t going to cut it anymore nor should you want them to!


You might want to download this and keep it handy!


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