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When Do I Need A Full Branding Session?

August 31, 2021

This is a conversation that comes up almost weekly on discovery calls and it is also something I dig deep into with my coaching clients. Knowing when you need a Full Branding Session is really important, because believe it or not, investing in professional brand photography when you are not ready for it can backfire.

What a full branding session entails

First, let me explain what Full Branding Sessions include. Every photographer is going to have their own language for their packages and collections. But, a full branding session is going to include those foundational images you need for your business. I break them down into 4 specific sections: Business Professional, Business Casual, Behind-the-scenes, and Lifestyle. Putting them into these categories ensures that we capture all the elements of your business. I also walk through your website with you to generate a shot list personalized to your website. I want to have an idea of what images you need and how you intend to use them. We went the images to reinforce the messaging that you’re already communicating.

Questions to ask yourself to determine if you’re ready for a full branding session

It is a detailed process that is meant to set you up for success, but when do you need this kind of photography? If you can answer “yes” to these questions then you are ready to take the leap!

1. I am in the “scale” phase of my business

We all want to jump into the deep end when we first start our businesses. But new business owners are still finding their way. If you haven’t established your niche or know who your audience is, then it will be very difficult to capture your brand identity.

But if you moving into scaling your business you are at a point where you know who your audience is, what you are offering them, and what they want from you. This gives us a really good baseline to start building on. I will want to know what your freebies are, what your client experience looks like, and how the behind-the-scenes systems function. We want to capture all of that so that we can incorporate it into your website and marketing campaigns in a purposeful way.

2. I am rebranding and/or re-doing my website

These go hand-in-hand, but either way, if you are taking this step it means you taking the steps to move into that CEO role. When this happens it is time to define yourself as a leader. Professional images go a long way to making you stand out above the competition, they give you more credibility in your industry and ultimately can lead to increased pricing due to a higher perceived value.

3. I have a mix of professional images on my website

When I had my Personal Chef business and as an Event Planner, I was 100% guilty of this! I had no idea why it was even an issue until I learned the true meaning and reason for professional brand photography.

Here is the thing, you get access to a lot of professional photos as an Event Professional, Chef’s that’s you too! But unless you are a photographer they are going to be sourced from various places. The problem becomes each photographer has their own editing style. Then you throw in that iPhone photo of you and your kids on your About Page and you have a mash-up of un-curated imagery that begins to look messy.

Behind the scenes brand photography can make a massive difference in your professional brand

Take Event Planners for example. The biggest hurdle you have is getting those behind-the-scenes images of you on a wedding day. So, you make due with what you have. Either your assistant grabs a couple with her phone, or you get a few from the photographer that was there to shoot the wedding. Don’t get me wrong, that is extremely generous of that wedding photographer. But does that photographer really communicate your brand image? Do they edit in a style that you like? Are they capturing what truly makes your business unique on a wedding day? Probably not, nor should they be, they are not there for you.

You certainly want to show your couples the kind of brides you have worked with in the past by offering pictures of the weddings on your site. But, that can be accomplished with a gallery page. If you get strategic about your website and the offerings for your couples, you will be shocked at how cohesive you can make it. When you work with a brand photographer who is solely focused on you and your business, you get specific results!


More brand photography resources

If you are still on the fence, let’s hop on a call and figure out when you will be ready to take this next step in your business.


If you know you aren’t ready but want to see a few of my clients! Click below:



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