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Client Experience

August 24, 2021

Mapping your client experience is important to the success of your business! Your client experience begins with the way your educate your audience about the experience of working with you. Sharing that path with your audience establishes trust and lets your potential clients know what they can expect even before they contact you.

But, be careful not to give too much away! For example, if you consistently offer welcome gifts to your clients who book with you, or do something special for them on their wedding day, don’t advertise that. Instead, this is a great opportunity to tease your audience! Let them know there is more to come when they book with you! Client experience content is subtly different from behind the scenes. This is an in-depth walkthrough of what your client will experience working with you.

Define your client experience in detail, from start to finish

Before you can educate about a client experience, you have to have one! Is your workflow for each client the same, or are you winging it when you book each client? Take a step back now and think through how you want your clients to experience working with you. What tools can you give them up front to make the process smooth? At what point do they need you to check in with them, and how can you automate this? What resources would you like to leave your clients with when you’re done working together? There are great tools out there for automating this process. I personally love Dubsado! Dubsado is a full service CRM, workflow manager, and scheduler.

What makes your experience unique to your brand?

In a small business, everything is personal. Your unique approach to your work makes the experience of working with you different from the experience your clients could get somewhere else. You put personal touches in your workflow, whether or not you realize it now! Think back on your recent client interactions. How are they different from how your competitors might handle things?

What do clients say about past experiences with you?

Your happy clients are marketing beacons for your personal brand! Sometimes it’s difficult to think about the value you provide on your own. Ask your clients about their experience! They may describe ways in which you served them well that you didn’t even realize were special. You can ask for this feedback privately, or in the form of a public review. Public reviews are also valuable marketing resources!

What result do you want to see when you share your client experience?

There’s a school of thought in marketing that encourages people to market results, not products or services. This is even more crucial for small businesses and personal brands! If you’re offering a service at a high investment level or luxury product, the value is in the results your clients get. For service businesses, talk about the problems you solve, stress you relieve, and doors you open for your clients. Products have results too! Your product may or may not solve a problem. If it doesn’t, try focusing on the emotions your client may experience when receiving your product. It could even be joy and indulgence!

Looking for more on client experience?

Personalizing the client experience is one way to incorporate your personality into your business. This ensures your clients receive the service they expect, and love working with you! They contacted YOU of all people for a reason. Now it’s time to deliver! View the blog on personalizing the client experience.

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