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Prime Rib Sandwich with cheese on London Newspaper

Creative Food Photography

August 17, 2021

I talk with Chefs and restaurant owners on a weekly basis. One of the most common questions I get asked as a marketing expert is, “how do I connect more with my audience”? Creative food photography is a key factor for Culinary professionals. Right next to building strong personal relationships and defining your personal brand image. Let’s jump into what it means!

My Definition of Creative Food Photography

Typically when you hear “creative” in an article like this, your mind shifts into overdrive and you assume you have to set things on fire or make a huge mess to get something “artistic”. But that isn’t my definition. In my opinion, creativity is what makes your food unique to you!

Creative Food Photography is something that generates emotion, is personal to you and your business, and has ‘feeling’ behind the images. We want to go beyond stock images and iPhone selfies. Images of you in the kitchen, working with your staff or your signature dish are incredibly powerful.  They help your clients or guests connect with you on a personal level and give them a chance to see some behind the scenes of you and your brand.

Moving from Business Owner to CEO

It is time to pivot from business owner to CEO and one of the first steps to doing that is professional brand photography. Raising your brand image shows you care about how your business is represented. A CEO manages the picture ideas and vision for the future for both your company and your clients. Professional photography communicates to your audience that you are taking that vision to the next level.

There are key marketing strategies that go along with making this shift to CEO and using creative food photography in your culinary business makes a huge impact on moving the needle from business owner to CEO.

Creativity is My Passion

It is difficult to think outside the box when you are standing on the inside of things. Personally, in my business, I have a lot of trouble thinking creatively when I am the only one coming up with ideas. I rely on others to help get those juices flowing. When we work together I am on the outside looking in. I take your food and personal brand to the next level with Multi Branding Sessions. These sessions are unique because you get to pay monthly throughout the year! Check them out!

Prime Rib Sandwich from Smoke On the Water, Wilmington, NC.

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