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Behind The Scenes Of Your Events

August 10, 2021

Followers and potential clients need to know who you are, what you do, and why you do it. How you do it is often elusive. Behind the scenes content gives potential clients a taste of how you work, establishing your professionalism and skills. Event professionals have a unique selling opportunity because behind the scenes of an event is a marketing tool that sells itself! But, I have a secret to share… If you are a small business owner and have organized an event or put together any kind of gathering, course or workshop, then this strategy will work for you too!

Make a point and take the time to capture some behind-the-scenes shots of the magical events you put on. Also, hiring a professional brand photographer to capture these beautiful moments really takes your brand to the next level! Here are some things to think about when you are planning a behind the scenes strategy.

How behind the scenes content gets captured

Imagine what parts of the process your clients might be curious about. How can you showcase these? You can hire an event photographer for large productions. For everyday behind the scenes content, think about isolating one of your projects–from an ideal client that you’d love to book more of–and documenting the steps of the process.

Highlight what’s interesting to an observer without any professional knowledge, without giving away any of the secret sauce that makes your business so successful. For instance, as a baker, you might show a time lapse of how you make a wedding cake. The time lapse wouldn’t show the detailed process, but lets your audience know you’re skilled, busy, and love what you do!

Make a plan

Behind the scenes content doesn’t just happen. You have to have a plan to create it. If you’re not hiring a photographer or videographer to capture your work in action, make sure you designate someone to take photos, even if it’s on your phone. There are great content editing apps now that can help you repurpose and  this content.

What are the specific things you want to make sure your audience sees you doing?

What you do during a project or event are part of your brand story. You can document the steps of the process you get the most questions about and the things that set you apart from your competitors. Think about the things you talk about in your website copy. How can you reinforce these selling points through behind the scenes content? For instance, as a planner you may talk about being prepared for anything. Take an unboxing video of your emergency kit! Show your clients that you mean everything you say in your sales copy.

Highlight the most stressful parts of the day

You are good at what you do. How can you highlight this? For some business owners, the most stressful parts of the day are the ones they excel at most. Can you have someone on your staff document this? If not, create a video or blog where you talk about how you handle these situations. Real stories help validate your skills, and show clients what it’s like to work with you.

The preparation and planning process is part of behind the scenes!

Before a big event, launch, or product creation, there is so much behind the scenes work that business owners do to prepare. Your clients are curious about this! Showing that you prepare well and invest time in your clients that they may not even be aware of helps to establish why they should work with you!

Limitations on behind the scenes content

Not everything needs to be public. Do you have parts of the day you do not want to be covered? Have you communicated this to your staff? You have to balance content creation with productivity and serving your clients well. Make sure you communicate with your clients too if you plan to be filming during their day. Get model releases when possible or applicable.

Behind the scenes content is part of your personal brand

Event professionals receive photos from client-hired photographers all year round. However, they rarely feature the vendors flexing their skills. Just the beautiful results of their work! Behind the scenes content is part of your personal brand, and helps tell your brand story. Personal brand imagery is an investment in yourself and your business. It enhances the client experience and raises the perceived value of your services. In the same way that clients are willing to pay more when they have an emotional connection to a brand, they’re also willing to pay more when they perceive a service as high-end, luxury, or more valuable.

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