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Building Relationships

July 27, 2021

Building relationships is vital to any business. Because of today’s technology, business relationships have become less intimate and easier to dismiss. Getting caught up in the need to be on every platform and make yourself visible on social media day in and day out can make you lose sight of why you do what you do, and who you do it for. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for media. But, if we approach marketing in a more mindful way with the intention of of building authentic relationships, the results can be overwhelmingly positive!

When building a campaign, I try to think about the relationship with my audience and my clients. Below are some questions I ask myself before writing marketing content.

Do you understand who your audience is?

Before you can build a strong connection, you have to understand who you are speaking to. Do you know who you’re trying to target? If you have never done an ideal client exercise, now is the time to think about this! Describe the perfect client for your business. Try to see the world from their perspective, and understand what they want to learn from you.

For instance, my business typically serves creative entrepreneurs and event professionals that have been in business 3 to 5 years or longer. They are outgrowing their initial brand image, and are seeking to create a brand image that speaks to a high-end clientele. They sometimes struggle with cohesiveness in branding and attracting the right clients. I help them use professional imagery to create a captivating personal brand that aligns with their brand story and attracts their ideal clients. This is far more specific than offering brand photos to businesses! This more specific persona allows me to build stronger relationships and provide valuable content to my audience.

Are you speaking from the heart?

When it comes to personal branding, speaking from the heart is essential. In all things, be authentic. Trying to be something you’re not typically ends in a bad client experience, or misaligned expectations. The best way to have happy clients is to be authentic, honest, and speak from the heart in all things you do. This ensures that you build connections and relationships with clients who are a good fit for you. It also ensures that your clients know what to expect from you–your demeanor, expertise, professionalism, and overall client experience.

Does this aide in building relationships and trust for my brand?

Building relationships with your audience means being approachable. Sharing creates points of connection, so your audience can identify and find commonality with you. Don’t be shy! Personal branding means being a bit personal sometimes. Open up your inbox, and start interacting with your audience.

Have you shared your current client relationships with your audience?

What better way to build relationships with your audience than by showing that a professional relationship with you has amazing benefits?! Your past clients’ success stories and testimonials are strong messages to reinforce your brand’s reputation. Building a credible brand is hard work. Capitalize on those successes!

personal branding

If you haven’t explored personal branding as a marketing strategy yet, I encourage you to peruse my blog for more on this topic! Personal branding is a powerful way to tell your brand story, build connections, become reputable, and turn connections into lifelong clients.

The importance of digital imagery to your personal brand

Personal brand imagery is an investment in yourself and your business. It enhances the client experience and raises the perceived value of your services. In the same way that clients are willing to pay more when they have an emotional connection to a brand, they’re also willing to pay more when they perceive a service as high-end, luxury, or more valuable.

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