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Monthly vs. Quarterly Campaigns

July 20, 2021

Deciding how to structure your monthly vs quarterly campaigns all comes down to the purpose and message. How complex is your message? How does it serve your brand?

How much content does your campaign need to properly educate your audience and get the results you are looking for?

Is your message complex? Does it have a lot of moving parts? If so, you want to plan on a long-running, quarterly, campaign so that your message can be broken down for your audience to have the time they need to fully understand the content.

Conversely, if you have a very clear and direct campaign that can easily convert your audience into subscribers, then targeting these short-term consistent campaigns are better to do on an ongoing monthly basis.

How big of an investment (if any) is the goal of your campaign?

This forces you to think about the end before initiating the strategy. Are you launching a course? If so, there is a significant cost involved in filming, copywriting, software, etc. You will want to budget for the final result before even thinking about the campaign itself.

How often (each week) will you be communicating with your audience about this campaign and what mediums will you use to deliver your message?

When considering monthly or quarterly campaigns think about how much content you have to share each week. If you intend to send more than 6-8 emails you should stretch it out to a quarterly campaign. More than a couple of emails per week and your unsubscribe rate is going to be more than average.

Planning out how much content you have and how you will be repurposing it, will help guide you as to how long your campaign should or could be.

How well does your audience know you? Do they trust and understand your product or service?

This directly relates to the length of your campaign because if you are new or offering a new service you need to build your audience’s confidence in your abilities.

Consider if you are an event planner but have mainly done weddings and are now trying to break into non-profit events, you will want to run a long-term educational campaign that establishes your knowledge of the non-profit world and slowly converts subscribers and followers so that you can then continue sharing your expertise and eventually convert them into clients!

How much do you have to invest in this campaign?

Budget is a key factor in any campaign. Determining how long it will run will also require determining how much you can invest in it each month.

Some considerations to keep in mind:

  1. The cost of your team, from the inception of the project to manage it up to the end.
  2. Additional software and systems you may need to purchase.
  3. Social Media Ads.
  4. Any printing or print ad you may need for advertising purposes.
  5. Photography and Video creation

When you subtract all of these expenses from the anticipated revenue you plan to generate, do you still make enough profit to make running a monthly or quarterly campaign worth it?



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