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Educating Your Clients

July 20, 2021

Educating your clients can look many different ways. But I have broken down some key questions you can ask yourself and your team when building an educational marketing campaign. Use these examples to generate discussion and inspire new thinking while you plan your next marketing strategy.

Are you breaking down your step-by-step process of what it is like to work with you?

Breaking down the steps of your internal processes can not only greatly improve client relations but will also lead to enhanced overall productivity.

When you dig deep into the inner workings of your business and share that with your audience it establishes a sense of trust and transparency. A potential client then begins to feel more comfortable moving through the process of working with your company.

Let me give you a personal example. As a brand photographer, my clients typically come to me tell me how much they hate themselves in pictures. Through hundreds of these conversations, I realize that my initial interaction with potential clients needs to be built on educating them on how we will work together to build their confidence in front of the camera.

I began by developing multiple ways my audience can learn more about building confidence. It isn’t enough for me to chat about it on my Insta-Stories, for it to resonate with my ideal client, they need to know I care and understand their challenges through a variety of mediums.

I have written extensively on the topic through my blog, sent the material directly to my audience’s inbox, developed a posing APP with 5-Camera Ready tips that you can keep right on your phone, plus I have shared my own struggles and insecurities in front of the camera.

This education has been a strategic way for me to authentically connect with my ideal clients and it has proven effective.

Now, think through what is a struggle you can offer to solve for your client and educate them on in multiple ways to ultimately build their trust and their business?

Are you educating your clients using language that is easy to understand? 

This one is fun for me to discuss because I absolutely love to “geek out” and talk about cameras, so when I find someone who understands that language, I do a little happy dance.

But, for example, when I am talking to my husband Craig about camera techniques and specs his eyes glaze over and he nods at me until I’m done.

This is an example of why you must know who your audience is. Although I love to talk cameras, I know my clientele doesn’t have a clue what an ISO is, nor do they care, they just want to know that I am going to take care of them and their business needs.

You need to think strategically about how you get your message out there. Breaking down the details of your business is great, but sometimes your need to ‘translate’ your business language into terms your audience will fully comprehend. Education is only effective if those consuming it can understand, retain and apply the information offered.

Do you answer the question of “why” your audience needs this service?

I know I have fallen short on this over the years. But it is an important and effective marketing tool that should be a consistent part of your messaging. The reason we don’t always do this as often as we should as business owners is because we already ‘know’ our client needs us. We tend to feel like it is obvious.

However, with all the competition out there for virtually every service and product imaginable, they need to know “WHY” you are going to deliver it to them better and “WHY” they need it in the first place.

A great example of this is my experience networking. Many times when I am at events and I am talking about what I do, the response tends to be, “well I am making money without brand pictures, so I really don’t see the need to invest.”

When someone says this to me, I try not to say anything more and just listen to more about their business. The more I learn, the more I get to know the real reason they don’t want to have pictures done (and it is typically because they are not confident in front of the camera, see above!).

But if the real reason is that they are making boatloads of money, first of all, woohoo! That’s amazing! But second, and more importantly, this is an opportunity for me to educate them about professional brand photography and why it harnesses trust in not only your current clients but establishes trust and communicates to your prospects that you consider yourself a professional and inherently they will do the same.

Consider this in your profession, “why” do your clients need this service or offering? “Why” is also a fantastic lead-magnet to get people to want to learn more about how they can achieve the results you offer.

Do you educate your clients on “how” they will achieve results?

“How” is a valuable word! “How” is where the money is in your business and “how” can be the reason someone clicks through to your post!

Think about all the podcasts you listen to, how many of the episodes start with “How or Why…”? This is because people want the path of least resistance to the answers they have.

Wedding Planners, let’s talk about brides. If you have been around for a while you know I used to be a Wedding Planner so I know the struggle is real!

When a bride inquires with you they want to know “How” you are going to make this the most special day of their life. So how are you going to educate them on the journey they will take with you to achieve that magical day. It takes planning and strategic thinking to execute a conversation that will result in converting that bride to a client.

Taking the time to explain to them how you will be with them every step of the way, how your team and the systems and processes you have in place, along with the connections you have built in the industry will set them up for success. Educating them on your approach instead of assuming they should know what to expect will likely be more than your competition will do!

When you are educating your clients, are you providing value?

Will your audience walk away feeling like they have learned something worthwhile?

Ok, when you are answering this question in terms of a marketing campaign, I want you to think more simplistically. You don’t have to write long-winded articles all the time or create a course to make your audience feel like they have value.

A Chef I know came to mind when I started writing about this topic. Chef Anna Rendon (follow her on IG @chiquichef) is a talented Personal Chef and Instructor located in Arlington, VA. Over the past year Anna has been stepping up her online marketing and within that, she has been offering a “Tip of the week”.

It is a simple graphic that includes the tip of the week and a purposeful image along with it. These tips are fun and easy to consume like, “Disassemble a pomegranate in a bowl of water, seeds sink, pulp floats”.

This not only offers some education, but you walk away (or scroll away), feeling like, you learned something of value in a short amount of time. It also makes Chef Anna stand out, establishing her as an expert!

This should get you thinking about the bite-sized content you offer your audience.



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