Client Gifting | Creating the Perfect Client Experience- Amanda Richardson

Client Gifting | Creating the Perfect Client Experience

June 29, 2021

Client gifting of course is not required. It’s a great way to delight and retain those ideal clients! Gifting enhances the client experience and makes your business more memorable. Gifts don’t have to be traditional or even cost you money. Here are a few ways to enhance the client experience through gifting, while incorporating your personal style and brand. 

Incorporate your favorite things

Shower your clients with the things they like, or your favorite things! If you’ve been following our personal branding series for a while, you’ve probably implemented custom questionnaires with personal questions during your client onboarding. Sending them their favorite candy with an “I can’t wait to work with you!” note goes such a long way! For those with long-distance clients, you can send virtual coffee gift cards, or even try out a boutique gifting service like BoxFox

Gift your clients something that makes your work shine

Think about your work and how you can give something small that enhances the value of your work. For instance, a caterer might gift a charcuterie display board. A business coach might send an encouraging notebook. Or, a wedding photographer might gift a velvet ring box, custom hanger, or keepsake vow books. These on-brand gifts ultimately come back to benefit the photographer, making their work look more high-end and put together. These kinds of gifts might be a little more costly and difficult to come up with. But, in the end, they benefit your brand image and ultimately attract high-end clients. It all comes back around!

Your time and expertise

One of the most valuable things you can give your client is your time and expertise. Giving an extra 30 minutes of your time, or a small complimentary add-on service goes such a long way! As an event planner, you might offer a bonus planning call; as a web designer, you might offer a quick on-page SEO review. It’s a fine line between giving something extra, and over-extending or undervaluing yourself. Be sure you take into account your cost of doing business and overall hourly income needs before going this route. But your clients will surely appreciate the extra effort, and remember this when their friends ask for referrals!

When we work together

Without ruining the surprise…. When we work together you can expect to receive a special treat to kick things off as well as a gift that is something that all my clients ultimately need! The key here is the idea of need over “nice to have”. When I came up with my gift experience I trial and errored a lot of different products until I found the one that made the most sense. I am someone who loves giving gifts so for me, I love hand-delivering your gift during our first session.

Purpose of Client Gifting

Regardless of your industry or clientele, gifting in some way is a sweet gesture to help clients enjoy working with you, remember the experience, and refer their friends. Don’t forget to thank those referrals too! When clients send you more business, think about how you could surprise them with something that will encourage them to send their friends back again and again.

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