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Personalizing Client Communications

June 15, 2021

You didn’t head to this blog post thinking “Amanda who? Where did I know her from?” My name, my photos, my logo, and my colors are consistently throughout my emails, social media feed, website, and blog posts. If you made it here, you’ve probably been introduced to my company a few times by now. Personalizing everyday client communications helps to create a personal experience that builds a relationship with your potential and current clients. Just as you know who I am (or shortly will!), people should know who you are, not just what you sell.

Three ways to personalize everyday client communications

Show your face in your emails!

If you’ve ever received an email from me, you know what I look like. I sign off with a personal xo, my image, and links to my website and social media accounts. When I email my mailing list, I open with an image and close with links to resources on my website. Nothing is ever a single-touch communication. Each interaction is an opportunity to establish my brand, connect with clients, and offer them new ways to learn about me and my business.

Personalize your proposals

Sure, you could send an email telling them what your services cost. Instead, try offering your potential client a preview of the amazing quality of service you offer by personalizing the proposal. This is an opportunity to remind them of your brand story, your qualifications, and what sets your business apart from the others. As I’ve said before, you are the differentiating factor that sets your business apart. The one thing others can’t replicate! Take every opportunity to remind your clients what you offer. You can use tools like a CRM to help you personalize these communications.

Don’t be scared to repeat yourself

Most of your followers, clients, and potential clients do not tune in to all of your communications or posts. It’s completely okay to reiterate your brand story, qualifications, brand tenants, who you are and what you do. Personalizing client communications on your website, social media, emails, proposals, invoices, and any other interactions can reinforce all of this information.

And how can you personalize client communications without personal branding photos?

Personal brand photography tells the story of your brand, builds connections with clients, and helps you market your expertise. I offer full branding sessions throughout the US, as well as mini branding sessions with low monthly payment options. Read more about branding sessions, or inquire today!

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