Culinary Brand Photography Spotlight: VeeCulinary's Vedam Clementi

Culinary Brand Photography Spotlight: VeeCulinary’s Vedam Clementi

June 8, 2021

This is long over-due but well worth the wait! I know you have seen this fabulous face on my website and social media. I wanted to take a moment to formally introduce you to my culinary brand photography client, Executive Chef and CEO of VeeCulinary, Vedam Clementi.

About Vedam

Vedam and I met over a year ago and he has become so much more than a brand client to me. I love his spirit and the attitude he brings to each moment of life. He continues to impress and inspire me with not only his amazing recipes, but the focus and drive that takes him to that next level.

This Culinary Brand Photography Session

Chef Vedam rented a house on Emerald Isle, North Carolina. We spent 2 solid days shooting! The first day, I set up for our studio work. Vedam and his Sous Chef Daniel prepared 5 dishes, and no detail was overlooked. From the southern fried chicken to his unforgettable paƱa cotta would you believe everything was gluten free! Because I have celiac disease being able to sample everything he made was such a treat. Calories definitely were not counted on this trip!

You might be thinking 5 dishes doesn’t sound like a lot, but as Vedam and Daniel quickly learned, it is a long and grueling day when you are trying to get that perfect shot. Especially when the lamb doesn’t want to stand up on it’s own haha!

My favorite part… personal branding!

Our second day we took to the streets! Although we were on the water, it wasn’t brand appropriate for VeeCulinary to have pictures with the ocean in the background because they are located in the Atlanta, Georgia area. We did a few, but ultimately the shots we did in town were much more on point.

It was a bit overcast and rained a little on and off, but I will take that any day considering how beautifully this shoot turned out! I had Googled, but hadn’t been able to scout the location in person before hand, so as we walked I ran through all that is needed to capture the best images.

When we stumbled upon the alley my excitement was visible and Daniel laughed at me and said, “You get excited about alley’s like we get excited about produce.” And how true it is! As a photographer I can’t contain myself when I see white brick walls, between its reflective properties and the texture I know I am in for a treat. You can say it, I’m a nerd.

As the day came to a close, we were definitely all exhausted, but I also knew we had created something really special, and the results speak for themselves!

Now for the photos

Here’s a peak at some of my favorite photos from this session. There are so many great ones, it was hard to choose! Culinary brand photography is a hard niche to capture, but I think we nailed it.

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