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Personalizing the Client Experience

June 1, 2021

Over the past couple months, we’ve talked all about your brand style, incorporating your personality, and staying consistent in your brand image in order to find your ideal clients. Let’s take that one step further and dive in on how to incorporate who you are into the rest of your business. Personalizing the client experience is one way to incorporate your personality into your business. This ensures your clients receive the service they expect, and love working with you! They contacted YOU of all people for a reason. Now it’s time to deliver!

Your Personality, Your Brand, and the Client Experience

Where do I begin?

The client experience starts before they’ve even booked with you. Your website experience, inquiry process, and correspondence set the tone for the client experience. While responding to an inquiry, communicate the way you would with your favorite clients. It’s okay to step things up a notch in order to secure a dream client, but be sure you aren’t setting an expectation you won’t later be able to meet. Consistency is always the key in growing a stable business. 

For instance, if you typically form a casual and personal relationship with your clients, you may have “what’s your favorite candy” in your contact form, and “xo” as your email sign-off. If your business is more formal, you may include “how can I help make your experience more wonderful” and sign off “sincerely” instead. These little things set the tone for your relationship with the client, and show them what you’re going to be like as a professional. To be clear–casual is not less professional, if it works for you! If you script your email correspondence to be so formal, and then act totally different in person, the client might not enjoy their experience purely because they didn’t know what to expect. Expectations are huge for client satisfaction. The great news is that you’re in control!

Consistency is Key

Now that your clients have signed on with you, know what to expect, and have gotten to know your style, it’s important to follow through. Personalizing the client experience from initial inquiry to final goodbye is crucial to creating recurring business and strong client connections. If you communicate through email versus text message, continue that way. Prefer to use emoji’s? Great! Keep that consistent too. Is gifting your love language? Send them something small and brand-relevant once they book, and maybe to wrap-up the client experience too! Do you absolutely love Dunkin’ and can’t stand Starbucks? Send a Dunkin’ e-giftcard when they refer you to new clients and welcome them to the “dark side.” Love your clients to follow you on social and friend you on Facebook? Make sure to encourage that and include links into your wrap-up emails!

These are inexpensive and easy ways to continue meeting your clients’ expectations of who you are and how you operate. They might not know you’re going to send them a giftcard, but once they receive it, you continue to reinforce a personal fact about yourself. People book and refer business that they’re personally attached to or familiar with. These little touches give you a greater chance of building a strong connection.

How do you personalize your own client experience?

I’d love to hear from you! Some people send personalized and detailed client guides, gifts, etc. Some offer luxury experiences that incorporate things they love. Whatever your industry or personality is, I want to hear some of your favorite ways you rock the client experience! Email me, or comment below.

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