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Using your personal style to define your brand

May 18, 2021

One thing your brand and your personal style have in common is that they’re inspired wholly by you. In fact, you are your brand. The things you love, the aesthetics that make you happy and productive, and the style that represents you best naturally become part of your brand in a personal business. You’ve heard me talk about the ideal client before. How do you consistently attract them? Using your personal style to define your brand and niche audience is a sure fire way to find ideal clients more often.

The “OMG, I love that too!” moment

You might think that you want to keep things “professional” and not talk about your favorite candy, why you picked your dog’s name, or how a messy desk drives you crazy. But the reality is, those topics are how you make connections! Given two equally talented businesses, purchasers will hire the ones they know more about or feel a stronger connection to, whether or not the connection is relevant to their professional work. This is even more true when it comes to small businesses, or solo entrepreneurs!

What parts of my personal style can I use in defining my brand?

The answer is really, anything. I know, not helpful right? But it’s true! For instance, I love Yankee Candle. That has nothing to do with brand photography, but it’s one of those little things that separates me from others. Including these things in your branding is a way to build connections. You can use your personal style and preferences to guide:

  • Copy: writing the way you naturally speak to friends
  • Colors: the colors you love, and that represent you!
  • Images: aesthetic inspired by your design preferences, and consistent with your brand image.
  • Client gifts: welcome gifts are such a nice touch! Include some of your favorite things, or things that represent your brand well.
  • Design: love minimalist design and white space? Use it! Don’t flock to what is trendy, stick with what resonates with you.

Your brand image has to match your personality.

When you love your brand and it represents you well, it will go further for you. It feels so much better to work hard on your business when you’re proud of the brand image you’ve created. When the outside matches the inside, it’s easier to motivate yourself to get to work.

Additionally, you’ll find yourself getting inquiries from the right clients. And, avoiding the wrong ones! Imagine you go to hire a wedding planner. Their website features gorgeous neutrals and blush, script font, light and romantic images. At your consultation, she suggests that your October wedding would be really fun with a Halloween theme, pulling up images of black and orange decor. Yikes! What a mismatch of vision! Where is the planner with the soft blush colors and romantic style?! Representing your personal style and taste well in your brand is so important in a personal business. It leads to connecting with the right clients, and increases the likelihood that their experience with you will meet (or exceed!!) their expectations. This consistency between your brand image and personal style builds trust with clients to strengthen your business long-term.

Always be authentically you!

The one thing that makes your business so unique is you! You bring the character, the mission, and the story that, partnered with your excellent service, allows your customers to build a personal connection with you and keep coming back for more. Making your business personal is professional, and this includes your brand style, colors, and aesthetic. These stylistic choices are the fun part of business ownership where you get to dive in and make your business completely unique. No one else can create what you can.

What if you don’t know how to define your brand?

Not sure how to do this? Talk to a brand designer! They can help you pull inspiration from your background, personal story, favorite colors and things, personality, and aesthetic preferences. Brand designers are experts at putting together a cohesive, professional image that represents you. Having a brand is a huge upgrade from having a logo and some colors. They’ll guide you on how to define your voice, provide you with brand guidelines, and get you started on an image you can be proud of!

Are you ready for new brand imagery?

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