Chef Lisa Brooks and The Joy Of The Feast Tour - Amanda Richardson Photography

Chef Lisa Brooks and The Joy Of The Feast Tour

May 11, 2021

For a lot of my audience, you are all familiar with Chef Lisa Brooks. She and I have worked together for a couple of years now and each time I get to work in her presence, I am more in awe of her energy, generosity of spirit and enthusiasm for “what’s next”!

Lisa has built an incredibly profitable Personal Chef business on her own taking it from $50K a year to $50K PER MONTH! But it isn’t at all about the money for Lisa, it is the desire to see others succeed and bring her guests an unforgettable, intimate dining experience. 

Books is now combining her gift for culinary design and her love for celebrations with her drive to do the next big thing. A never-been-done-before Celebrity Chef tour in 12 cities across the United States! 

Executive Chef Lisa Brooks is taking her unique dining experience to the next level with the Joy Of The Feast Tour. This is a first-of-its-kind Culinary Tour featuring Celebrity Chef Lisa Brooks, Vegan Megastar Chef Joya plus 6 other rising Black Female Chefs! Making their way to Atlanta, GA first on July 13th and hitting cities across the U.S. from Texas to California and back again to their home base in Charlotte, NC on August 26 & 27th.


This unprecedented event was kicked off a couple of weeks ago with a dinner party featuring many of Lisa’s Lowcountry signature specialties. The excitement and joy in the air at these events is palpable, it is honestly difficult to tell within just a few minutes of sitting if the guests arrived together or were strangers until that moment. 


The decadent aromas that fill the dining room also make it impossible not to feel welcome and at home. The staff, flawlessly dressed in Heart & Soul Personal Chef attire, greets and serves guests as they enter. As you can see, no detail is overlooked during these seven-course dinners! 

I invite you to sign up for this unique Lowcountry soul dining experience with Chef Lisa Brooks and her amazing team!


And if you are a Chef or looking to become a Personal Chef, I encourage you to join Chef Lisa’s MasterClass on May 17th! It will be available for replay when you sign up too!

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