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Including children in your lifestyle branding session

April 13, 2021

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know branding includes using your personal story to connect with ideal clients. This includes your family! Including children in your lifestyle branding session is a great way to acknowledge the real person behind your business, making you more relatable. If the thought of coordinating your whole family for a branding session makes you tense up, you are not alone. However, it does not have to be stressful! Here are some tips for including children in your lifestyle branding session.

Styling your children for your branding session

We all tend to dress our kids better than ourselves. For your branding session, you still want to be the focus of the images. Select your own attire first, saving the more adventurous fashion choices for yourself and coordinating your family’s attire around yours. Stick to neutral, simple, coordinating outfits for your children. Tan, grey, light blue, blush, and colors in that neutral family are great if you are going for an overall light and airy look. If you’re struggling to make coordinating outfit choices, please reach out to me for help! We can look through everything together, and I’ll offer advice from a photographer’s perspective.

Preparing for messes and mishaps

Take your eyes off your children for two seconds, and they always find something sticky. Am I right? Uhg! While my kids are grown now, I do remember those days well. I suggest planning a backup outfit for children and waiting until the very last minute to change them into their photoshoot clothes. This will limit the opportunity for messes and mishaps. You might also consider outfits that have light layers that could be removed if one got messy. And finally, pack a tide-to-go stick just in case! Don’t stress over little imperfections. Life happens! Many can be hidden by camera angle or even edited out. While I try to make sure the images are as perfect as possible before editing, I make exceptions for kids 😉

Let kids be kids!

I know getting children to smile for a photo can be so challenging. They don’t understand why you’re stressing over outfits and having this stranger take your photos. Here’s the thing though… 90% of the images I take of your family will be you interacting with each other, not smiling and looking at the camera. If you have young children, you can start talking to them a couple days before about your friend Amanda who’s going to take your pictures. Bring some of your children’s favorite things to make them feel relaxed. While shot lists will vary from one business to another, I’m typically going to photograph you talking to and playing with your children, working from your laptop while your children are around you, snuggling with your kids on the couch or front porch or somewhere cozy, and other scenes that would be natural to your family.

When including children in your lifestyle branding session, keep smiling, no matter what is happening!


They might not want to smile. They might be feeling shy, or sleepy, or grumpy. It’s okay! Let kids be kids. We’ll work around their attention spans, moods, and preferences. My biggest advice to you is to always keep smiling. If your kiddo is crying and fighting you… keep smiling. They’re making faces at the camera instead of smiling? You keep on smiling at them. When your kid decides to cooperate for a second, the last thing you want is for you to be so focused on how they’re acting that you are the one who wasn’t ready for the photo. I know it’s hard not to feel frustrated by your kid’s behavior when things aren’t going well. But trust me, I understand, I’m not judging, and we’ll get what we need. Try to relax, and always keep smiling!

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