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Photographer amanda richardson shows brand photography client the back of her camera during a branding session, increasing her confidence and improving the customer journey by allowing her to feel more confident in that moment. The black and white image shows both women smiling and looking down at the camera, pleased with what they see.

The Confidence You Gain after a Personal Branding Session

March 23, 2021

Saying “I’m in” and signing up for your first personal branding session is an exercise in self-confidence for sure. But that’s just the beginning of the journey! The confidence you gain after a personal branding session is an unexpected perk of investing in your professional imagery.

You can feel your brand story coming together

Before your session, we plan a shot list that tells the narrative of your brand story. As we work through the list, you’ll feel your brand story coming together and you start getting excited about sharing it! These images will help you connect with more ideal clients and bring visual consistency to your business. What’s more exciting than that?!

Your confidence grows throughout the personal branding session

On a personal level, a branding session can be an empowering experience. You may start off the session nervous, guarded, or self-conscious. I promise I am great at bringing people out of their shells and making them feel confident in front of the camera! This is why I send you that long questionnaire and have planning calls before our session. I want to understand your apprehensions, concerns, or insecurities before going into our session to help you feel your absolute best while we’re working together. After a full day of being in front of the camera, you’re going to find yourself saying “hmm, that was actually kind of fun!” You’d be surprised how empowered and uplifted you feel when you step outside your comfort zone and invest in yourself!

You have the tools you need to confidently sell your services

No more feeling like your appearance doesn’t match the level of service you’re offering. You are going to leave your branding session feeling invigorated and ready to implement new marketing materials, client collateral, and website images to show off your new look! Now that you have these resources in place, you can confidently sell your services, knowing your brand image matches the value you are offering clients. Making sure a consistent, high-end brand image is displayed at all levels of client and lead interaction will reduce those inquires that don’t respect your craft or haggle with your pricing.

Are you ready?

The confidence you gain after a personal branding session is hard to describe to someone who’s never experienced this before. There’s one way to find out! Step in front of the lens with newly restructured mini branding sessions, now with low monthly payment plan options. Schedule a call to see if mini branding sessions are right for you!

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